Friday, April 22, 2011

Last of the Sunsets

I promise these will be the last of the sunset images.  I mean really, how many sunset pics can you take without them all beginning to look alike.  The wave action has been extreme from my experience here and has washed a lot of the beach sand out in the ocean.  This makes for larger waves and gorgeous images but a rather small beach area.  When the camera is up to your eye, you can't see what is happening at your feet.  So as you can imagine, I did the sand dance last night as the waves washed the sand from under my feet and I lost my balance.  Thankfully the camera didn't come close to the water and I was able to remain upright!!  Looking out the front door, the left side is very rocky with a large grassy picnic area and palm trees.  From there the crescent shaped beach goes on for over a mile towards the north side of Kihei.  And there are THREE of these beaches that run along the length of Kihei town.
I'm standing in the picnic area here.   As you can see by the palm branches, it was very windy.
This one shows the waves coming in.  I do love the sound of waves hitting the shore, but being so close with waves this large crashing in ... it is really hard to sleep at night ... even with the doors closed!!!  The sunsets definitely make up for that!!  Interesting that I am making the exact same adjustments to each sunset picture and yet each looks so different.

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