Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dog Bath Day

Good thing it was a nice warm day yesterday.  For those who know my Jack Russell Jessie ... she is a pistol and unafraid!!  One of her favorite things to do is roll in the horse manure.  Lovely, huh??  Too bad for her, I'm not thrilled with the eau de cologne she chooses.  I smelled her before she even got close.  Those aren't natural spots on her back.  So off to the wash room we went, where as you can imagine, she growled throughout the whole washing process.  Now nice and clean, she smells MUCH better.

A few months ago she got a little too frisky with the horses.  In the mornings, the horses are rather boisterous looking for grain and hay.  Miss Jessie thought they should settle down, and proceeded to get face to face with Showby (1400 pounds of cutting horse) to give him the word.  Unfortunately, she got a little too close and he stepped on her hind foot.  I rush her off to the Vet where many dollars and lots of stitches fixed her up enough to return home.  Here she is, her royal Highness with a lovely green cast put on by me.  The first two the Vet put on fell off.  She wore this for about 4 weeks, then limped for a couple more.  Now back to normal, she isn't so quick to quiet the horses.  This picture resides on my fireplace!!!

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