Monday, April 25, 2011

Lazy Pool Days

Since we all have gotten a little too much sun over the last couple days, we decided to stay by the pool all day.  Hahahaha .... we were still in the sun, but easier access to the sunscreen/tanning lotion.
After a LOT of cajoling, 7 year old Lauren finally decided to try out the awful black things we put on her feet.  "They hurt! .. I can't walk! .. "  That lasted until she got in the pool.  As she kicked for the third time, her face lit up and she went crazy over how fast she was swimming.

Needless to say, it was really hard to get them off her feet to come inside.  She LOVED them.  Next came the mask, which she has worn before, and finally the snorkel (which was exceedingly more difficult).  The idea in the end is to go snorkeling at Black Beach.  No such luck yet.  We did spend quite some time at the beach teaching her how to deal with the big waves (not normal this time of year) and by the end of the day she was rolling and playing in the biggest ones.

I had decided not to bring my fins due to lack of luggage space, but rent some here.  No such luck, because the kind they have here will not stay on my feet.  I went to the dive shop to find something relatively inexpensive ... Oceanics ... and it even looked like they would fit in my backpack for the return trip.  I only buy ScubaPro equipment because of their good construction, HOWEVER, my cheapness got the best of me.  Another BIG mistake!!!  They broke the first time I used them.  Back to the shop to return them (took some convincing) and get the pair of ScubaPro fins you see here.  Similar to the ones I dive with, today will be the first time for this pair.  I'm sure they will outlast the Oceanics!

Come dinner time, we are all hungry from basking and baking all day ... so it was off to Fat Daddy's BBQ!!  Excellent ribs!!

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