Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photo Projects and Motorcycles

Back from Hawaii, it's time I start working on my class photo project.  I have been enrolled in Independent Studies at Merced College in order to tap my creativity (hahahahaha) .... mostly just to give me an excuse to practice my photography.  Every semester so far I have chosen really hard subjects (like discrimination) that include lots of people!  VERY big mistake.  People are hard to work with and everyone isn't on MY time table!!  LOL  At least this project only had ONE person, but my next will have NONE!!

At any rate, here's the story ... a very proper victorian lady finds a chair in an alley.  The chair "sets her free" ... so she takes it home.  It makes her lose her inhibitions and leads her to the stage ... the burlesque stage that is.  Here are three of the eleven images.

My friend Patty will recognize the oil lamp ..... The clothes I have collected over the years.

I'm submitting this project in "story board" form, so I still have lots to do.  Each pic will have a full description on the bottom, as if done for a movie.  It is due May 18th!  So I need to get in gear.  The stage?  It's in my garage.  I made it from an old table, my old drapes and a black backdrop.

On the other hand ... my biker chick nurse photographer friend asked me to go riding with her ... which I haven't done in maybe 5 months????  With probably only 20 hours in total on this bike, I decided I would go for a spin.  Uh oh ... dead battery!  Okay, I can hook up a battery charger (after three phone calls to some "male" biker friends!)

Battery charged, I took off last night.  Uh oh ... forgot my helmet!!  Duh!!!!!  Went once around the block, kind of shaky, but I can do this!!!!!  Up to the point that my neighbor let her three goats run wild in the front yard ... I can't shift down fast enough ... Oh No I'm shifting up not down, coast and brake, it will be okay ... can't find neutral ... don't know what gear I'm in (quit laughing DAN!!!) and as I coast into my driveway it died.  Well at least I made it that far.  Uh oh ... big red oil light came on.  So is that why it quit?  Still can't find neutral so I can't get it in the garage.  Geez ... my first trip out and I'm on the phone to my friends AGAIN trying to find out what's wrong.  Luckily for Patty and Dan, it's late and I know they are in bed!!!  Come to find out, the oil light comes on when it dies, just like in a car.  Hop on bike, start it, light goes out and I walk it back to the garage where I FINALLY found neutral.  WHEW!!!  So here's my baby back where she's safe ...
After this first outing, I'm hoping the rest of the summer will be a piece of cake!  I'm determined to ride every day, even if just around the neighborhood.  Funny thing is I don't remember it being this hot when I rode before.  Probably due to the leather jacket that I'm afraid to ride without.  I definitely need to come up with something cooler.

Don't know if I ever posted the Judd logo painted on the fuel tank.  I love it!!!  Next up ... I need the same "guy" friends to show me how to fuel it without getting gas all over the tank (which I have succeeded in doing BOTH times I put fuel in).  The hole is the size of your thumb!!!  Who designed these things anyway???????

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