Monday, May 30, 2011

BBQ Pulled Pork and Trip Plans

Since I'm spending so much time on the computer researching my Grand Canyon Trip, I decided much needed sustenance could be cooking while I study all the maps.  When at BBQ City in Los Banos, the owner showed me how he BBQ's his meat, so I think I'll give it a try.  Two large bone in pork shoulders, lots of dry rub and high heat to set the "bark".  Then low and slow .....

I just received the advice of good friends Patty and Dan (there is nothing in Kingman, LOL) Laughlin would be a better home base for a couple days of exploration.  Riverside RV Park has full hookups including 30 amp electrical connections, which should keep my baby puppies cool while I'm gone.  Just might even hit a big jackpot!!

One day will be a trip to Keepers of the Wild in Valentine Arizona.  Apparently they rescue wild animals from many unfortunate fates so they can live out their lives in peace and comfort.  Right up my alley!!

Once on the barbeque for 8 hours, take the pork off, wrap them in foil and place in a 165 degree oven   overnight.

Next day will be a trip to Oatman, an old west gold mining town on Route 66.  Nearly abandoned, it is seeing an increase in tourism.  Known for its burros that roam the streets, I can't wait for these photographic encounters.

From there, it will be off to Seligman and Williams for Route 66 pics on the way to the Grand Canyon.  Should be a short trip with lots of time to get checked in and parked at the Canyon, where I will stay for about 10 days.

Okay, so I keep smelling his wonderful pork and can't stand it.  After 6 hours I take it off the barbeque, wrap it in foil and put it in a 200 degree over for faster cooking.  Four hours later I took it out, shredded the meat and smothered it in BBQ sauce.  OMGosh!!!!  It is WONDERFUL!!!!  Course I have enough meat to last for 6 months in case I get snowed in, but that's okay.  I hear it freezes well!!!  Bon Appetit ..

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