Sunday, June 4, 2023

My New Man!!

 If only I could tell you that Prince Charming walked up and rang my door bell ... but alas, he did not.  THIS is even better.  Cooper is a whole new man since getting that shot.  He never once even LOOKED at that spot on his hip, nor did he offer to lick or chew his leg off off.  Even better, he quit chewing on his paws.  

A good vet is worth his weight in gold ... and I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have one.  I always thought Cooper was allergic to the wool carpet at the Lost Horse Ranch in Arizona.  Turns out that was probably correct ... but NOW we have an answer to all that discomfort.  I'm in 7th Heaven!!

On the other hand, that brought out the ball and his favorite toy, which meant I was on the floor all morning long.  He was definitely a happy camper!!

Dr. Jon said the second shot would last 3-6 months ... maybe longer.  What a relief to know my little buddy won't be miserable any more!

I was a tad bit uneasy about leaving him alone with no zoot suit on while I attended the Baby Shower, but turns out he was just fine.  

This is a shorty blog today.  Two seconds after I walked in the door at the Elks Lodge, I was hijacked into working the Fizz Brunch, which just happens to be THIS morning, so I'll be out the door early.

Here we are at the baby shower.  If there's one thing the Elks are good at, it's food and drink.  There is another table to the left, completely covered with quiche and sandwiches.  I of course went straight for the cupcakes!!

The men showed their prowess by seeing who could finish off two baby bottles of beer first.  The winner got ... what else ... drink tickets for the bar.  The women got clothespins for their collars.  Say the word "baby" and you had to give it up.  Whoever ended up with the most clothespins, won.  The Lawyer was exceptionally good at getting people to say "baby".  

It turned out to be quite fun since I don't get to talk to the wives of the Bingo Knights very often.  We probably could have hung out all day, but once the presents were open, I headed back home to check on MY baby.

There was lots of food experimenting after that, but my time is short this morning, so we'll get into that grand adventure tomorrow.  


  1. So happy Cooper is on the mend!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. glad Cooper is on the mend. The last baby shower I went to was coed but there was no beer drinking. Leave it to the Elks to come up with that game.

  3. So very happy for Cooper and for you, and bless that good Vet

  4. Sounds like a fun event! So glad to hear that little Coop is doing better.

    1. It was much better than I expected ... and the new Mom and Dad were very appreciative!