Saturday, June 3, 2023

It's Been An Adventure!!

I was on the fast track to Walmart on this morning, returning baby clothes not required because as it turns out, it's a BOY and not a girl!  Here is a good reason to hate Walmart.

I checked myself out on the first visit because they had NO one working the lines.  Of course one outfit did not have a tag, so I called the girl over to find a number.  She fixed it, I grabbed my receipt and off I went.  On THIS trip to return that item, the lady would not give me my money back because it was not the same tag number.  

But wait ... it's the number the girl put on the receipt.  Oh no she said ... you went to a self checkout.  Boy did I read her the riot act!!  How about if I go back and get you one of the exact same thing and you can see exactly how much it was.  She finally relented when I asked for a supervisor, but would not credit my account ... I had to accept a gift card in the same amount.  Nothing like starting your morning off on the right foot!!

There was otherwise good news and bad news.  I can tell you it has been an adventure.  Cooper's little suit came in just in time to give me a break from constant puppy watching.  The sleeves are supposed to be half that long and it didn't quite fit him around ... sort of like MY clothes ... but it worked pretty good and kept him from chewing.

Guess where we are now??  I admit ... I did a bit of finagling.  Cooper was STILL no better, so I called my Vet again.  I knew that my favorite guy Jon (not to be confused with MY Jon) was back in the country and back to work.  I called to see if I could get an appointment for next week.

Then I asked if he could call me to talk about getting Cooper's teeth cleaned.  To my surprise he called, whereupon I may have mentioned the current problem.  In fact, I talked about nothing else.  I can't believe he asked how long it would take me to get there.  

TEN MINUTES.  (Race car driver!!).  I don't tell many people about my past car racing because many of my friends are police officers of one kind or another.  It's not my fault.  The boys just could not stand that a girl was driving the GTO with 3-2's and a hurst four speed on the floor.  Later owning a 2001 yellow Corvette that went 155 mph, honed my skills.  I digress.

The 25 minute drive took me 11 minutes and I was in the door.  I couldn't thank him enough for getting me in at 5:00.  

He thinks Cooper is having an allergic reaction to pollen, or whatever is in the air.  It just happens that his body is picking on the weak spot where that growth was.  That is making all his little antihistamines attack that area.  First he gave him a shot to stop the reaction, then another one to control those little buggers for the next 3 or 4 months.  

I'm not holding my breath, but Cooper was better last night ... even playing for a bit on the floor.  We shall see if it passes the test of time.  It's also interesting to note that I seem to be having the an allergic runny nose reaction ... I think from the sycamore trees in my driveway.  AND I'm now weirdly allergic to my makeup.  What the heck is going on??

Finally, we also talked about how bad Cooper's teeth are.  They need to be cleaned before any of them become infected.  That is a wallet-clearing event that will run about $1,000.  Crazy, yeah?  I have to admit there is no one I would trust to do this more than Jon, and they DO have all the latest and greatest machinery and monitoring devices.  I guess I didn't need that new carpet after all.

The sad news of the day is this batch of funeral potatoes.  Remember the guy from next door who got into smoking marijuana because his kids kept having all these crazy drug parties in his garage?  He and his wife were divorced, but still lived in the same house.  The marijuana quickly turned into meth.  I liked him a lot ... what a nice, respectful guy, unlike others in his household.  

Yes, he's the one that eventually didn't have a place to live, so he snuck into the attic at night.  I knew he had been seen over in the worst part of town ... drug city.  It's so sad to see someone go downhill so fast.  I was really happy to hear he was still around and attended his daughter's wedding a few days ago.  

That happiness turned to sadness when I learned he then passed away.  I made my funeral potatoes in his honor, because I'm sure there will not be a funeral.  

So here we are ... sleeping away and not itching but just a little.  I'm hoping he will improve even more today while I'm gone to the baby shower.

In the meantime, I've done some more experimenting with food because as you know, someone has to do it.  I cannot lie, it was NOT a success.  I'll relay that story tomorrow!!


  1. Nancy race car driving?
    We must be related some how. I loved to race and drive fast cars back in the day!
    Glad Cooper is feeling better.

    1. Oh Frances ... and I thought I was the only one!! We could have been partners in crime! LOL

  2. Hopefully these shots will do what they are supposed to do and Cooper (and you) will feel better. Guess what? I had a Nancy week. Everything and anything that can go wrong ...did go wrong. Not fun!

    1. I feel so bad for you Elva. I'm hoping things get better very soon! Nancy weeks are not so good!!

  3. That is one special Vet. Hope Cooper likes his little outfit...WAY better than the Cone of crap around his neck!

    1. You know what? I was very surprised that he didn't mind the suit one little bit. It will be perfect for cold weather!! Good vets are worth their weight in gold.

  4. Well, you have to admit that Cooper looks really cute in that outfit! Hopefully that new vaccine will do the trick. Your revelations of activities in your youth are quite interesting :-)

    1. I'm not sure why I did so many weird things in my life. Just looking for adventure I guess!!