Friday, July 28, 2017

Brown Thumbs Turn Green

When you live on the Oregon Coast, even brown thumbs will turn green.  Just look at these huge balls of flowers I found in Cannon Beach.  I have to say if you are looking for a "pretty" town to hang out for awhile, this would be the one.  A walk down the main street will have you oohing and aahing at every step.  Go early to find parking.
After checking out Indian Beach, it was time for some sustenance.  There are lots of places to choose from, but this little crepe shop which evolved from a push cart, is by far the best, as evidenced by it's line out the door.  Actually there is only room for about six people standing inside.  Place your order for some of the best food around, hand made as you watch.  

It's not the fastest in the west, but where else can you get a tasty ham, egg and cheese sandwich.  Please don't say McDonalds.  They cook one side of the crepe, turn it over and crack an egg right on top.  When about done, they throw on two big (but thin) pieces of black forest ham, lots of cheese and green onions.  BOY was that good!!  HOT though ... VERY hot, so be sure and let it cool before you try to eat it.
If you're going to have a savory one, you might as well finish up with dessert.  At $8 each (even though the sign said $10 ... who am I to complain) I had them make this masterpiece.  It had cheesecake, chocolaty Nutella, sweet sliced strawberries and whipped cream.  How could I go wrong.  I skipped dinner that day.
More beautiful flowers as I headed to the quilt shop.  The good thing about that is their private parking lot.  Let's face it .. Cannon Beach is packed to the gills with tourists.  Every building you think is a house, is really a hotel.
Just look at this one!!  Beautiful blue flowers center stage with huge white blooms on the side.  How cool is that!  Anyone know the name of this one??
I did a quick walk around to find my favorite Halloween Store had been overtaken by Christmas.  In fact, that building that housed FOUR stores is now entirely Christmas.  One section has Christmas gifts, including these amazing teapots.  I think I need one, even if I don't drink tea.  I would so love to collect these!!
This one would probably be my choice.  An octopus pot.  How fascinating is THAT?  Speaking of pot, although not on the main drag, it seems pot shops have popped up everywhere.  Medical marijuana, the signs all say.  Just look for the six guys out front weaving back and forth in the breeze.
After an hour in the quilt shop, having found most of the fabric I needed for a new quilt, I decided to drive the entire length of the beach, just to see what was there.  The narrow roads take you by house after amazing house, some old and some new.  It was worth the drive just to see the neighborhood.

Down at the very end, I was surprised to find a very long parking area along the South end of Cannon Beach.  Take your valuables with you, as several cars looked like they've been living here for awhile, along with their occupants holding their fresh medicine in hand.  That's not to say they will break into your car, but people up here know it happens often.  

Most of the surfers come here, although I only saw kayakers on this day.  That's possibly due to the sign that said SHARK SIGHTING.  Great whites have been patrolling the beaches around here lately.  
If you continue on up the road to the very end, there is a hiking trail that takes you into Ecola State Park.  Go far enough and you will end up at Indian Beach.  

On the way back, I stopped in at Oregon Marketplace.  They have jams and jellies, pies, everything Oregonian.  What interested me most was the art by Dean Crouser from Gresham Oregon.  They are amazing watercolor works of art, some printed on tiles (with stands so they will sit on your desk) and some matted prints like this one.  It's definitely worth a look see.
Next up ... a trip to Astoria to find the perfect location for a photo shoot.  It happens there's a Joann's fabric/craft shop on the way.  Will wonders never cease ... just what I was looking for.


  1. Looks like lace-cap hydrangea. I used to work at the Bellagio and they were a favorite in the Botanical Garden. carol

    1. Wow ... you know your flowers Carol!! They certainly are beautiful!!

  2. Wish there was a NF Campground in that area...

    1. Really ... because otherwise it's rather expensive to stay here. Personally, I think you have the better deal Dave ... less expensive and less people!!