Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Running The Gauntlet, RV Style!!!

You know how uncomfortable it is to drive your BIG motorhome in the dark???  You know how uncomfortable it is to drive your BIG motorhome in bumper to bumper traffic???   Well add to that rain coming down in buckets so you can't see the road for three hours of driving!!!  I call that running the gauntlet ... requiring several aspirin and a hot tub upon arrival ... except I didn't have either.

Here's the story ... I'm going to Sacramento for a three day Christmas.  My friend Ofie is going to Elk Grove for a three day Christmas.  Since I'm going right through Elk Grove, she should go with me ... I'll drop her off and pick her up on the return trip.   I'm driving the toad, since I already picked up the RV from the repair shop and left it at my friend Cyndae's house so I have a place to sleep at Christmas.

The first inkling of a problem ... Ofie's brother lives on Hwy 99 and I only drive I-5 (wider lanes and more of them).  After a quick GPS search, I let her off on the 99 side, keeping an eye out for where to turn around when I pick her up for the return trip in the motorhome, down I-5.

After another hour of foggy driving, I arrive at my destination ... Dixon ... for a wonderful Christmas!!  Two seconds in the door and Cooper made a beeline for the fireplace.  Seems there were doggie treats under the tree ... worse than a five year old ... he tore into them and downed a couple before I could stop him.
Finally Cyndae broke into the rest of the "doggie" packages!!
This is Mom Michelle on the left, Grandma Cyndae in the middle, Auntie Rebecca on the right and Miss Lizzy admiring her new snuggly soft coat.  
After a great dinner of baked Smithfield ham (the BEST!!) and scalloped potatoes, I got a call from Ofie asking when I was picking her up.  Tomorrow I said.  Uh oh ... second inkling of a problem!!  She was only staying ONE night ... I was staying TWO!!  Lots of discussion later, I packed up the motorhome to head home.  I was really leary of traffic and the thunderstorms that were raging all Christmas day.  Maybe if I just go slow, it won't be a problem.   Hahahahahaha

Traffic was bumper to bumper the second I got on the freeway.  The good news was that my windshield wipers worked really well and I could see to drive ... kinda ... couldn't see the road from all the water spray, but I could see the tops of the cars in front of me!!!  Just out of Sacramento, the traffic eased up but the rain didn't.  Thankfully 99% of the truckers stayed home and weren't on the road.  It was just me and 9,000 cars!!  I found Ofie and we headed out for home at 4:00.  Slow driving turned out to be 45 or so.  The wind gusts were pushing on me pretty hard ... and with so much traffic around, I was afraid I might hit someone.  By Stockton, it was dark dark dark and still pouring rain!!!!  Sure could have used a few spotlights on the front to illuminate the road.  Had I not traveled this freeway many many times, I would have just pulled over and spent the night.

Finally, with a big sign of relief (I think Ofie's hands were cramping from hanging on) we took the last exit to my house.  WE MADE IT!!!!   Ofie said I was very "brave" to drive this big thing.  I don't know about that, but this trip definitely got my heart rate up.  I think I lost a couple pounds from the stress!!


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