Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running, Running and Running some more!

I've been out of contact for the last couple weeks because I've been running a lot.   I'm training for the Nike Womens Marathon this Sunday October 16 in San Francisco.  It takes up sooo much time to get in shape for a race ... not that I really race, I more like jog.  For me, it's just the fun of being with 24,999 people in the streets of San Francisco.

It's very hard to get in this race.  Used to be first signed up, first to enter.  Now they do a random drawing.  Unfortunately, I have not been drawn a couple years.  What they want is for you to join "Team in Training" and get sponsors to the tune of $5000.  If you don't get the sponsors, they charge your credit card.  Now I don't know about you, but $5000 to enter a race is a little extreme.  I know it's for a good cause, but really!  I've found there are ways around this which have also cost me some money, but not as much by far.  Here is a picture of my "registration" for this year.
It's a Nike watch that I purchased for $200.00 (which allows me in the race).  It works with a pod you wear on your foot and a satellite which will give you time and mileage.  Nice big numbers ... I don't wear it to run however.  I prefer the Garmin GPS model.

The race starts at Union Square, zigs down to Embarcadero where you head to the Golden Gate Bridge.  From there, up some nasty hills by the Cliff House and head into Golden Gate Park where you roam around for a few miles, then hit the Great Highway on the Pacific Ocean.  If running the full marathon (which I'm not), you go another 7-8 miles along the coast and back to the finish line.  I'm doing a half marathon this time, 13 miles.   It's pretty spectacular to see 20 GORGEOUS Firemen (I swear they have a contest to get the best looking guys) ... all wearing tuxedos, holding silver platters in which rests our "medal" for finishing ... a Tiffany necklace, designed just for the race.  I have 5 of the 7 they have awarded.  Here's four of them.  Since they are becoming so popular,  I should find the other one.
Wish me luck!!!!!

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