Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rock Climbing Gym

One of the things my friend Ofie and I do quite often is rock climbing.  We practice at an indoor gym in Modesto called Stonehenge.  On Friday, I attended her Yoga class, then met her at the college where she teaches part time ... on this particular day in the Fitness Gym.  We worked out for an hour doing mainly upper body to get in better shape for climbing.  That afternoon I got my road bike out and went for a short ride.  All of this before climbing Saturday, was not really a good idea, but those who know me, know I can't sit around!!!  As it turned out, it was a BAD idea!!!  Too much exercise can be a detriment.

Here I am almost to the top.  Ofie is holding the rope that is attached to my harness and hers.  I free climb to the top, using hand holds that are "graded" by numbers according to the difficulty.  You try to use only those holds for the rated climb you are attempting.  Should I fall, she can stop my descent.  I will still smack into the wall, but at least won't hit the floor!!  Although this image looks  like the wall is slanted, it isn't.  It is straight up.  The darker wall to the left is slanted back OVER you ... called an overhang, they are more difficult.  By the time I finished the third climb, my arms were like rubber!!!
So today, I attempted my long run!!  BIG mistake after all the workouts Friday and the climbing Saturday.  It was very disappointing to only get in four miles!!!  I was dying!!!!!  And now my shoulders are killing me.  What??  I'm not 25 any more?????  Headed for the Advil!!!

So here's my bike.  I'm trying to get some type of bike rack I can mount INSIDE my RV to hold the bike upright while traveling.  It is much too valuable to hang off the front or back of my rig, and laying it on it's side is not an option.  If anyone has any ideas, please send me a comment.  The frame is not round, but oval in shape.  I thought about hanging it from the ceiling, but fear it will bounce around too much.
I'm headed to the couch ....... see you soon.


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