Thursday, August 11, 2011

Critters and Sunsets!!

I've collected a variety of images of the animal life in the park, including these gorgeous elk.  The velvet is thick and rutting season is close by.  For the most part, you can get pretty close with no problems, but I chose to take these pictures from behind a big tree!!!
These guys were walking among the trailers eating the grass grown high from leaking water hoses.  Although there were many babies, I did not get any non-blurry images ... they move too fast.
Squirrels of course are everywhere ... they even pose for you!!  This guy blends right into the background.
These Bluejays were pretty prolific and very noisy, as were the ravens.
Ravens are EVERYWHERE ... kind of ratty looking ... scavengers for sure.  Definitely carry PVC pipe for your sewer lines.  These guys cut mine right in half!!
There also were lots of turkey vultures that flew too high for me to get good images, as well as the Condors.  Condors have wing spans of 9-10 feet and are amazing flyers with faces only a mother could love.  No images here as they fly too high for the lenses I took with me.  These tiny guys kept well hidden ... I only saw two the entire time I was there, and only this one stopped long enough for a photo.
I know, it says sunsets above, but the animal life fascinates me.  Don't know what this is, but they were cute little guys!!!
Ok ... the sunsets!!  Here is the last one I photographed in the rain with thunder ... no lighting that we saw ... but standing out on the very edge of the rim.  It was later that I learned this was a very bad idea.
These amazing colors lasted for about 20 minutes.  
Can you believe it???  No adjustments here, just God doing his best work.
Up next ... with only a couple more days to enjoy the canyon, I went on a geology/fossil walk and again broke the rules to get images of the Native Indians dancing.  

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