Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Sunny Maui

Every year I come to the island of Maui in Hawaii.  I have a time share here, purchased from my friend Cyndae who was raised in Hawaii.  The 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse condo I stay at is in the brown buildings on the right, in the town of Kihei.  I took this picture to show the distance from the condo to the ocean.  It is literally 20 steps out the sliding glass patio door, another 20 steps to cross the road, and you are on a beautiful soft sand beach.  Every year I have been here I have gone snorkeling off this beach to the left and went swimming with the turtles.  It is an awesome experience!!!
The weather has been rather weird here.  As cold as it has been on the mainland, it is unseasonably hot.  80-84 doesn't seem bad, but with no breezes and lots of humidity, it has been warm.  The solution of course, is to jump in the ocean or the pool.  The cloud cover has been keeping the hot sun at bay .. sort of.
Sunday morning I got up early (before sunrise to beat the heat) and ran from Kihei to Weilea and back.  Then decided to do some hill work since all roads lead downhill to the beach.  Ofie will appreciate that!!!  We have a trail run coming up and I promised I would train while I was here!!  That done, my shopping gene kicked in.  It is always better to spend the hot afternoons in someone's air conditioned store.  Tommy Bahama and Serendipity are two of my favorites.  On the way to the Queens Mall in Kahului, I passed this gas station and just had to take a photo.  Notice that diesel is LESS than ALL other types of fuel ... and the prices are comparable to the mainland.
Since the clouds always offer gorgeous sunsets, I spent last night on the beach taking photos.   This one was pretty much right out of the camera.  It looks like this every night ... which is one of the reasons I love it here.
How can you not love it here!!!  T-shirts and shorts ... beautiful sunsets like this ... and a small local roadside stand called Alexanders which has the best grilled fish and sticky rice EVER!!  Yup, it's paradise!!!

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