Monday, March 14, 2011

RV Upgrades

While we were in Yuma, Patty and Dan took me to Sams Club.  It was there that I spied a very compact wireless printer/copier/fax machine on sale.  How could I resist?  By the way, it is more expensive at Costco (I checked) ... while I was shopping for a table that would fit in this corner of my RV.  Perfect huh?  I know, I know, it's a shoe rack, but who cares.  It's rather low, very stable (matches the decor), and will hold all my office supplies.  Definitely a must when on the road.  We used their copy machine a couple of times.  Also at Costco I found an external hard drive (recommended at the rally) on sale.  The bank account is at zero now!!!

Next up was the installation of coat hooks in the bedroom/bath area.  A trip to Target yielded this beauty which I installed myself.  Ok ... so I never said I was handy.  It's an over-the-door model that works perfectly!!  I'm on the lookout for two Honda 2000 generators which, when hooked together, will run my A.C. when needed for the dogs.  Yup, that's a pricey one and will have to wait a couple months. 
For those who know I am a photography nut, here is an image I captured in Yosemite ... Merced has an Art Hop every few months, and 3-4 of us gather up all our best stuff and display it for all to see.  Can you tell this photo was taken by one of our group?  She's an artist, and just can't seem to take a normal, boring photo!!!

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