Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road Trip to Monterey

Time for a road trip photo shoot to Monterey.  Actually, I wanted to find a needlepoint shop in Carmel to look for canvases.  Best laid plans however, don't always have the desired results.  We spent so much time shooting, there were not enough hours in the day.  Next time I'll find the shop.  My friend Chris Cook went with me ... another very talented photographer who always has a "different" point of view.  Never having had the Monterey tour, I took her around the Wharf and Cannery Row.  Again, there were not enough hours to do all we wanted.  We started off at San Carlos Beach.  These beautiful protea are everywhere in Monterey.  Usually found only in Hawaii, they seem to thrive here.
On the walk to the wharf, we passed hundreds of beautiful flowers.  Daisys are my favorite ... course since I'm not a "flower" person, these may have a different name!!  If you ever travel there, be sure and park at San Carlos Beach and walk to the wharf.  After a great crab sandwich at the Fisherman's Grotto and photo opps in the candy shop, we headed back to Cannery Row.  Unfortunately most of the good access points have been fenced off due to safety reasons.  A little rocky road ice cream fortified us for a trip around the point to watch the sunset at Pacific Grove.
The recent storm made for nice waves.  I think Chris and I took 200 photos of the waves crashing on the rocks.  It was soooo gorgeous.  Yup, it looked just like this.
The sun is starting to set making for spectacular photography ... I love this one because you can see how windy it was ... the wind is blowing the water from the top of the waves.

The sun was setting for this photo and the light reflected nicely off the water.  Being 5:00, we needed to leave in order to get back at a reasonable hour.  We decided our next trip would be for at least two days and we would definitely need more photo cards.  We both took almost 300 images, but with results like these, how could we do less?

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