Tuesday, July 3, 2018

That Bed Thing Didn't Work Out

I spent the most frustrating day yet, parked mostly on the couch.  This kid of mine is driving me crazy!!  Now feeling better, all he wants to do is bark and play the B-A-L-L game.  Never EVER say that word out loud, and only if you spell it!

I'm a bad mom and I feel guilty about it.  I relegated Cooper to fold-up jail for almost the entire day.  Even though I left the back door open, he would sneak around to the dining room and do what dogs do when they're on steroids.

My entire dining room floor is now carpeted with newspaper.  Just before I became a screaming looneytoons, I plunked him in jail.  Cooper lost that battle.
He usually calms down in the evenings and sleeps next to me on the couch.  That lasted ten minutes before he was looking to get down, so back in jail he went.  We are NOT going through this hurt back thing again because he jumped down from the couch.
In an effort to cool us ALL off (my impatience was getting the best of me) I gave Mr. Coop a trim.  Carefully sitting on a blanket on the floor, I trimmed away from top to bottom.  I think we both feel better!!  That bowl?  That's the water bowl for the kids.  The weird pink thing is a small bowl with an Indian grinding stone inside to keep it from floating.  

Cooper has decided he's afraid of his reflection in the bowl.  Strange, right?  When it moves as the water moves when he's drinking, he becomes scared and runs away.  Did I get the most neurotic dog in the west or what?  The small bowl keeps the water from moving so much so he will drink.  Now you know why this baby makes me bonkers!!
I must say it was pretty nice to have him locked up (bad Mom) because I had the run of the house ... and I did NOT have to sit on the floor.  Instead, I worked on the current quilt block challenge.  

This was the first one that came out half an inch too small all around.  Rather then spend hours with Jack the Ripper, taking out all those seams and resewing, I cheated and just made the borders wider.  Hopefully it won't show up that much on the quilt.
When bed time rolled around, Cooper got to roam around outside for awhile before going back to doggie jail.  I headed for the bed while he howled, whined, whimpered, scratched and cried.  I guess that bed thing isn't going to work out after all.  In desperation, I finally collapsed on the couch where I settled in for the night.  He went straight to sleep.  

I tried to sneak off to bed, but he has the best hearing EVER.  Even the creak of my knee woke him up.  It's okay though, it was much better than the floor!!  In fact, I have to say it's not really so bad.  It's MUCH cooler in the living room than my bedroom.

I dozed off to the bangs of fireworks going off all around me.  No, it's not the 4th of July yet, but people around here are shooting off commercial stuff every night.  

Hopefully I can sneak in a nap before heading off to the Magic Kingdom.  This will be my last day for a while as the packing continues.


  1. Think maybe you a good mom by keeping cooper in jail, you are only trying to save him from more injuries, have fun at the Kingdom and enjoy your trip.

    1. You are right George .... I'm hoping he gets used to it. It would be so much easier not to worry about him jumping off the bed.

  2. Don't think we will hear any fireworks here in Oregon. And at least they seem to have a handle on the fire, did not grow yesterday despite the 30 mph winds...that's a good sign.

    1. That's good news ... remember all the fires we drove through in the last couple of years???

  3. Why don't you put the dog jail in your bedroom right next to the bed every time he goes to sleep rattle his cage,,,, just kidding you think
    two solutions
    2 Benadryl and doggie diapers yes the second Benadryl one is for you
    Please no pictures of the dog in doggie diapers

    1. Hahaha I could use that Benadryl!!! That's my plan, but really it has been so much cooler in the living room, mostly because I'm too cheap to run the A.C. I have been using your early morning "fan" trick though and it works like a charm!!

  4. Oh dear, I'd hoped it would work for you. I won't say it but it is obvious who the Master of our houses are!!! Yah, we love 'em.