Friday, July 6, 2018

Another Night In The Magic Kingdom

It's HOWDY DOODY TIME!  Wait ... that's the wrong one.  It's Magic Kingdom Time!!
The Castle Lawyer sent a text message a few hours before saying she was dizzy and sick enough that she was not going to make our weekly celebration of gambling.  I cringed.  It's we're-going-to-be-swamped-tonight payday time and I'm alone at the gate over the moat.  

I arrived early enough for a glass of White Zin so when the peasants revolted, I wouldn't care.  As it turns out, I've become fairly good at left handed button poking while flipping through and counting cards with my right.  

The good thing is all the NICE peasants come VERY early and are not prone to cheating, meaning I'm not worried much about their counts.  I was however, more tired than I realized as yawns started creeping in by 5:00.  Maybe a LARGE coca cola would wake me up.  

You probably know where I'm going with this.  I'm busy whipping through bingo packets, running debit cards and giving out change when BINGO ..... the cash drawer came flying out right into my cup.  I caught it before much damage was done, but wouldn't you know, that was the EXACT packet the peasant wanted because it was a WINNER!!!  I thought they were going to throw me into the moat.

It's just a little sticky ... you can STILL play it!!  It could have been worse!!  At long last, I hijacked one of the players to help me through the rest of the line, consisting mostly of hard core players.  They seem to be more difficult than most, as they warned me not to touch their cards.  Okay I said, then you won't win, because only those that get my magic touch along with a little coca cola, seem to win here.

As the games began at 6:30, I was alone again with nothing but my phone to keep me awake, until the peasants realize they don't have cards for the next special game.  They all come running up at once, grabbing sheets and throwing money at me.  It's amazing that we balance at the end of the night. 

The mini-me infernal machine purred like a kitten, churning out rejected notices right and left.  Those paychecks must not have been deposited yet.  When your request for $10 is denied, you shouldn't be playing Bingo!

I survived the last night of peasantdom for awhile.  I'll be gone soon, sending all my good wishes to the Castle Lawyer and whoever takes my place.

Cooper is truly on the upswing now.  He's SO much happier and wanting to play.  Just one more day of pills and he should be good to go.  I let him play with a squeaky toy yesterday, which made him happy as a clam.  

The good thing was he couldn't roll it under anything where he would contort his back trying to get it out again.  I'll still have to lift him in and out of the rig for some time to come, but I can do that.  AND he's doing really well sleeping in the fold-up jail at night.  No whimpering at all.  

In the meantime, I finished the binding on this quilt.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It has beautiful shades of purple and lavender.  I'll remember this one because most of it was done while sitting on the floor!!  It's funny how memories get attached to things.  I can almost tell you what television shows I was watching for every quilt I've stitched.
I'm packing today as nighttime temperatures have risen from 60 to 75 with overcast skies.  Apparently there is rain all around me, but not a drop here.  Yesterday was a day filled with surprises as I tackled a few more problems with the world.  Hopefully at least ONE will be resolved.  That's tomorrow's story!!


  1. I think you need 3-D glasses to look at that quilt, or maybe be sober?

    Different topic
    I ran across this this morning,, It's one of those,,, I wish I was there moments
    A while back I did Ocean Shores 4the July spectacular to

    A cool video for you,,,
    Other than the cool weather, one of the things that I wanted to go back and see is the fireworks between Long Beach Washington or Ocean Shores Washington
    But somebody has already put up a spectacular drone video of 2018 Fourth of July at Long beach watch the video you remember the road that goes out to the beach. look at the line of cars still trying to get on the beach
    The state of Washington let you shoot fireworks off on the beach I think that's the only state,, I don't know if Oregon allows it or not . so it's pretty unique

    Open it to full screen for a better effect

    1. Oh my gosh! What a great view. I'm glad I wasn't there however. Now I see why those kids got their feet burned so badly when they walked down the beach the next morning. All those fires!!! People thought they put them out with the sand, but they were still hot when the kids stepped on them and got severe burns. Crazy video!!

  2. Glad you made it through a night at the Magic Kingdom in one piece. Glad that Cooper is doing much better. And soon you be on the road again for a fun adventure, travel safe and have too much fun.

  3. How sad that your M.K. days are numbered, ha ha, someone else's issues soon. They will miss you.
    Happy for Cooper, he's such a sweetie.
    Lovely quilt, nice to know the history of your quilts like that. :)

    1. That's what they tell me .... probably cuz when I'm there, they can have a day off!!