Thursday, July 12, 2018

My List Grows

We settled in very nicely the first day except for twelve runs to the rig to get things I missed the first eleven times.  Just when I think I've got everything I need, something else jumps up.

Knowing Cooper would have a hard time getting on the couch, neighbors Patty and Dan brought over a set of stairs they had used for their puppy.  I actually succeeded in getting Cooper to go up twice, but instead of going DOWN the stairs, he jumped clean over them.  Of course he did, right?
This was my final solution.  Of course the queen of the house Jessie immediately took up residency in Cooper's spot.  The cushion seemed to make a perfect stair step because Cooper went up and down all day with no problem.  
Having been living on leftovers and popcorn since I can't seem to bring myself to eat in the heat, I decided to splurge on dinner.  Arizona Pizza Company makes a pretty good one, leaving me plenty for next week's lunches.
I picked up a job while here in trade for mowing my lawn when I'm gone.  Plant sitting.  Can you believe it?  I'm doing my very best to keep them all alive until the Chance family returns from their mountain cabin summer vacation.  These live in a magnificent greenhouse but can't be left alone.  Talk about green thumbs ... those two can grow anything!
As I wandered around the yard looking at all the green growy things in the desert, I heard what sounded like my air conditioning unit coming apart at the seams.  I envisioned it destroying my house it's so huge.  

So first thing yesterday, I starting making a list.  AC unit, sprinklers, drawer handles for the kitchen, carpet stretching so I don't fall down tripping over the big lumps, repairing the front entrance tile.  My list grows on an hourly basis.

Desert Valley Aire, the company who installed this unit, put me on their schedule immediately.  The nice guy showed up the same day at 4:30.  He took the top off and lifted the fan blades out.  No pack rats this time.  He thought it was the top bouncing because the braces had vibrated loose.  

In no time, he was inside the unit, pushing and pulling before announcing it was fixed.  YAY!!  He put the top back on, we turned it on and VOILA!!  It made just as much racket as previously.  Turns out it was the collar inside that lost a rivet and was vibrating, making all the noise.  

It was a five minute fix that I'm sure any handy guy could have made.  Even I could have done that.  $165 later, it's purring like a kitten.  Mark one off the list.
While out front, I realized the Chance family might have made a mistake having me take care of their plants.  This is what several of mine look like.  Dead.  The good news is that I called the local sprinkler supply company and got recommendations for repair services.

Carlos called yesterday and he will be here at 8:00 Friday morning to fix my sprinkler valves.  I think I'll have him revamp the entire back yard system so I won't go to jail for using too much water.
In the meantime, I've scheduled a trip to Lowes today.  There's a bright red light in my refrigerator that says I need a new filter.  I went on-line to look for something reasonably priced, but this unit is almost 15 years old and I couldn't find the right number to order.  My list grows again but I could care less.  I'm enjoying amazing thunderstorms in the desert and I can't wait to get out and explore.  Pictures to follow.


  1. Nice to get those things taken care of and enjoying the desert thunderstorms and exploring the desert will be wonderful, enjoy !

    1. I've never been one to just sit on the porch until now. All that lightning is fascinating.

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying AZ.

  3. Put the filter number in Google and see if there is a compatible filter...also check Amazon. Glad you made it safe and sound...good luck with the plants.

    1. I finally found some and boy are they expensive!!

  4. Sounds like a fair trade to me. Are the Chances next door neighbours so you don't have to travel far to water plants? Yay to the a/c fix, worth the $165 at this time of year! Wishing the same luck with the dreaded sprinklers. :)
    btw, I love the Cooper resolution! Brilliant!

    1. The Chances live just around the corner, but they brought all those plants to MY house. All I have to do is go outside. Pretty cool!!