Sunday, July 8, 2018


There's nothing that can send a chill down my spine faster than two little words .... CHECK ENGINE!!  On the jeep or my truck ... no problem.   When I see it as soon as I turn the key on the rig, it sends me right into panic mode.

Such was the case yesterday as I turned the key to open the slides for packing.  I threw caution to the wind and started it anyway.  Thank goodness the engine roared to life, but that ! Check Engine light just wouldn't go off.  RATS!!!

After ten minutes I turned it off.  I figured I would just ignore it ... pretend it never happened.  I went back to sewing the binding on this crazy quilt, but my mind just wouldn't stay put.  An hour later, I said a prayer, went inside the rig and tried it again.  ! Check Engine.    Nooooooooooooo .....

I'm leaving ... this CANNOT happen!!  Two seconds later, it went out.  Boy did I breathe a sigh of relief.  I think it took me two hours to get my heart rate back to normal.  Funny how two little words can just ruin your world.

Truly, there's not much in the way of packing to be done.  Cleaning out the fridge and freezer will be the worst of it.  In the meantime, this crazy quilt is the last of twelve I sent to the quilter.  Two I donated for her grandson's cancer fund raffle.  He's doing very well and should be cancer free for life.  YAY!!!
Now for the food review.  While hitting the fabric shop which has moved to downtown Hilmar, dairy capital of California, I discovered it was lunchtime and I was starving.  What better than Taco Bell!  They have a new dollar menu I just KNOW you will be fascinated with.

THIS is a beefy quesadilla.  Sound good?  Not so much.  It was flatter than a pancake when I opened the foil.  There actually was some beef in it, about one tablespoon, smothered with that liquid orange stuff they call cheese.  The entire thing was no more than 1/4 thick at the THICKEST!!  If I were you, I'd pass on this one.
THIS on the other hand, is a beefy frito burrito.  Catchy name.  If I were to recommend anything off the $1 menu, this would probably be it.  Filled with the same tablespoon of beef, it also has rice, possibly some kind of refried bean substance and fritos, all smothered in that same sauce.  It's too bad they have ditched the cheese.  It was the best part.

I would say this is edible.  It was crunchy, squishy and not too bad on the taste buds, except for that last bite.  I'm sure I will eventually get the taste of soap out of my mouth.  That last bite never did end up in my stomach.

So if you're adventuresome and want to take your life in your hands, stop in at Taco Bell and have something off their $1 menu.  Otherwise, pass them by.  You won't be missing a thing.
I'll be heading out this morning with everyone in tow.  Here's to a safe trip!!


  1. Taco bell is not apace we enjoy, More of the real Mexican food is what we like.
    Good luck with the check engine light and safe travels.

    1. I like REAL Mexican food too ... but if you're in a hurry, it definitely is quick and cheap.

  2. Don't worry about the check engine light it's a safety feature the next time you go by a discount auto parts AutoZone or Napa pull in there and have the guy check the codes they'll do it for free
    Some machine read the prior code and some only read it when the light comes on
    It's just telling you that is sensor has been tripped it could be something as simple as oxygen reading or you could've had an emergency brake on just enough to TripIt
    If it comes on again Take it into one of those places they'll read it for free and tell you what the problem is,,, not a big deal
    My Volvo has had one on for four years there are two oxygen sensors and one is bad big deal

    1. I feel better now! Thanks Ed ... I'll find some place to read the code.

  3. We'll maybe consider that Taco Bell Menu when we head south next fall.
    If you watch the Sales at Harbor Freight you can get your own code reader for about $30. which will help lower your Blood Pressure.
    Safe Travels and hope your Mail problems are behind you.

    It's about time.

    1. Really? That would be really nice to know what the codes were. Thanks so much. You can't beat the dollar menu ... the quesadilla and the burrito plus a drink was $4.00. Pretty cheap.