Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Magic Kingdom Perks!

Like almost every other day this last week, it started out with home repairs.  This section of my gutters seems to be a thorn in my side.  The run was too long, so they cut it here, but didn't do a great job.  These two ends fill with water making them heavier and therefore LOWER than the rest.  There are also a few leaks around the end cap.

Finally, after hauling six different tools up and down the ladder (my exercise for the day) I was able to tighten everything up.  Not that it mattered, because the water STILL didn't flow to the far end, but it's better than before.  Once they dry out completely, I'll caulk the ends so they don't leak.  
On one of my many trips to the RV ... does anyone else do this? ... I'm constantly needing something I  didn't unload .... anyway,  I unplugged her from the 50 amp service, started the generator and after a few minutes, turned on both air conditioners.  She ran a little rough at the start, but an hour later was purring like a kitten.  Check that one off my list!!

Next up, MORE exercise!!  I can't seem to get motivated much more than sitting down watching television, so one of my friends came up with THIS idea.  It's a Rogue Concept 2 rowing machine, duplicating the necessary requirements to row one of those long racing boats around the lake.  That's got to be good exercise, right?

It's on loan at this point, but may become a regular fixture around here.  It's easy to use, quiet, doesn't take up much room and in three minutes, gave me a heck of a workout!  It breaks down into two parts I can lift and is easily stored.  I'll let you know how it goes!!
By then it was time to head on off to the Magic Kingdom of Elks Bingo.  The King has been under the weather after surgery, and his absence is being felt by all the peasants who want to argue with us.  In days of old, he would give anyone anything they wanted.  The Castle Lawyer and Accountant put an immediate stop to that, as we are more interested in making money than giving it away.  Thus, we had a couple of minor skirmishes last night.  

Even if you come late and miss some games, you have to pay full price ... $20 ... for two packs.  At the halfway break, with 9 games left to play, you pay half price.  There's NO half price when we've played only 3 games out of 17.  That didn't go over well at ALL!!

One of the perks of volunteering at Bingo is dinner.  The kitchen whips up burgers and hot dogs for everyone at very reasonable prices ... free for the workers.  I totally love their hotdogs ... they are the best ... but they are also the best at giving you indigestion I can still feel at the end of the second day. I've no idea why, but the hamburgers are a close second.  
In an effort to begin yet another diet and lose a few pounds, I whipped up a lovely garden salad with spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, cranberries and apple.  That was followed up quickly by a huge brownie that one of the wives makes every single Tuesday night.  RATS!!!
By 10:00 we were all yawning .... it was way past the bed time of all these old Castle employees ... as we counted out the money from the wretched black box.  You could have heard our scream of joy two blocks away as we balanced to the penny!!   Chalk up one more win for the Bingo Crew!!

I'm going to go jump on the rowing machine now while I watch the news.  Not really, I never watch the news ... it's too depressing!  Then I'm going to Costco to get a large bottle of advil just in case I get too carried away rowing!!


  1. Just tell yourself that brownie and salad is better than brownie and burger. Plus there's the 80/20 rule that says eating 80% healthful and 20% indulgent let's you stay with the healthful longer.

    1. Now I don't feel so bad about that brownie!! I didn't know the 80/20 rule. Thank you Linda!!

  2. Any kind of exercise equipment that stores easily tells me something.

    1. Hahahahaha ..... you are RIGHT Jan!!! I'm storing mine in the middle of the living room so I HAVE to look at it, hoping that will keep me motivated!