Friday, April 8, 2016

My Attention Span ........ SQUIRREL!!

Lets face it, I get easily distracted, exactly like my Jessie dog.  I'm hoping it's because there is only so much one person can do and NOT a reflection of my old age.  I've been doing spring cleaning of the house and getting rid of a lot of stuff, but every time I go outside, I get caught up in yard work.
The roses came into bloom like crazy in the last three days and my winter blooming pink flowers (the geographical name I'm sure, or is it the scientific name) are still looking nice in spite of the warm weather.  Upon closer look, I noticed several of my plants have been lost to the careless application of Roundup by the gardeners.  It doesn't take much to kill a little society garlic.  
So in the middle of cleaning the spare bedroom closet, chock full of everything that didn't have a home, I trucked on off to Home Depot to pick up a few additions to both the front and back yards.  I should have gone to Lowes.  For one thing, Home Depot's varieties are few and far between, most being annuals.  If I'm going to go through the expense and trouble to plant something, I want it to last forever.
Those few perennials they did have desperately needed water.  Many pots contained completely dead plants.  How hard is it to water those poor plants??  I guess if you're getting paid $15 an hour, you don't really have to work ... just stand around, after all it's not YOUR stuff!!

While loading the juniper into my truck, I noticed this beautiful moth.  He's HUGE ... about three inches long with pink on his wings.  Sorry bud, but I don't need any more bugs in my yard as I slid him off on the nearest tree.
The three little grass mounds are .... well .... grass of some kind.  I planted them yesterday next to the three little garlics that are dying on the right.  I guess I better replace those too.  Two of my purchases will go in the front yard to replace plants that have magically disappeared or the gardeners have killed.  It's hard to get good help nowadays!!
Off on another tangent, I stopped in at Kelly-Moore to pick up some touch up paint.  Luckily the previous owners kept all kinds of jars and containers of original paint for my house.  Most were totally unusable, but at least had color and room names on them.  

I just assumed they had that color computer thing that could match the paint exactly.  They don't ... nor do they want to mix up a quart of anything.  It's a gallon or nothing!!  Eventually, with lots of trial and error, we were able to match two colors which were available in quarts.  When I opened the next color, the paint didn't look bad, just the can.  I asked him to put it in another clean can and shake it up.  It looked good to me, so that made three.  

I did have to purchase a gallon of one color he mixed up, but it covers three big rooms in my house ... not that I need that much for touch up, but it was my only alternative.  I'll just leave it behind for the next owner.
Sidetracked again .... when I got home, I couldn't wait to see if the new-can paint would work on an old water stain in my bathroom.  I figured it would need some kilz first.  Unfortunately, I'm not very adept at this stuff either ... it was oil-based, a fact I only realized after dipping the brush in and I had nothing to clean the brush with.  Forget the kilz, I got another old brush and painted the newly revived paint on the wall.  It looks GREAT!!  YAY!!!

Now WHAT was I doing before I started painting??  Oh yeah ... the garden.  But wait ... I haven't finished the bedroom, let alone the house!!   SQUIRREL!!!!


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