Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cowboy Boots Are Amazing!!

They are even BETTER when you WEAR them!!  Lately, I've kept them on most of the time, but yesterday I slipped.  I almost cried when I look down and saw this.
First thing Friday morning I had to make another run to Home Depot to pick up some drip irrigation splitters and three more of those little grassy looking plants.  I'll just wear my brand new pair of Mizuno fluorescent pink running shoes.  

I dug out all the sad society garlic, I'm sure killed from Roundup overspray.  I know it's harder to bend over and rip out that bermuda grass!!  Lo and behold, underneath those plants were millions and millions of ants, frantically moving their larva up my arms and legs.  I KNEW I should have worn my boots!

With everything planted and lots of new drip lines buried to escape the dreaded weedeater, I looked over to see my fence coming loose next to the old dog kennel.  I grabbed my drill, a huge box of deck screws and a hammer.  This is going to take awhile.  I have about a quarter mile of fence and I SHOULD have put on my BOOTS!!

With no horses, the corral is completely covered with foxtail, an obnoxious little plant causing lots of grief and tears.  Yes, I did think about them getting in my shoes, but they looked very green, in which case they don't come apart.  I walked the perimeter of the fence putting in more screws and pounding nails until I had blisters on my hands.  The joys of home ownership!!

Around 2:00 the temperature climbed up to 75 degrees with 98% humidity, so I called it a day.  That's when I noticed the stickers!!  I spent the next TWO hours digging them out of the mesh covering with tweezers.  Why didn't I wear my boots???
About the time I finished, the gardeners showed up.  I had noticed several too-wet spots and this was the perfect time to get them fixed.  I love geysers, but not in my yard.  They replaced two big lawn sprinklers (no charge) and repaired two more.  This one corner was a problem, but I couldn't figure out why ... can you??  

You're right .... the curb guy installed the curb right on top of a very large sprinkler.  Geeze Louise!!  My gardeners, nice guys that they are, said they could fix it, but I'm giving it to the Contractor.  He made the mistake, he can fix it!!  

Nice guy that HE is, he said no problem ... he'll be here first thing Monday.  Not bad for such a small town ... it's usually very difficult to get people to stand behind their work.  
My timing was perfect for once .... it's been raining all night, settling those plants in nicely.  The little grassy things don't spread and are far away from the lawn edge, so they should survive.  I still have three more beauties to plant, but will wait until late Sunday when the rain stops.

In the meantime, I'm putting on my boots and sitting on the patio with my coffee, listening to the nice pitter patter of beautiful wet rain!!


  1. Right. Wear the tennies out to do yard work then put on the boots to rest on the patio. Sounds like something I would do. Except I don't own any tennies. Or boots. Yay for Crocs that are impervious to everything!

    1. Exactly, Linda!!! Backwards, at best! Now Crocs would have worked VERY well!!

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