Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sometimes Things Never Change ...

People say change is good, but the change never seems to happen in the arena I've requested.  That means change is usually bad for me.  When my boss the Auditor Controller quit and the County hired a temporary replacement that hadn't been in the workforce for years, was NOT a CPA (as required) and didn't have a clue about anything in our Department, it prompted my retirement, a GOOD change I suppose, but I didn't think so at the time.

Yesterday I made a quick trip to my dermatologist just to make sure I was still on the list of the living, since I can't get in to see my regular doctor.  I'm glad there's been no change there.  I've been seeing him for over 35 years.  I'm still alive and doing well he says .... a good thing not to change.

Spring always brings my carpet roses into bloom, least that's what my landscaper thought they were.   I look forward to it ever year and it never fails to happen.  I'm glad things never change in this realm.
I worked on another quilt yesterday and as it turns out, it's not like I remember it at the quilt store.  Sold to me as a lap quilt, it is the size of a twin, at the price of a queen with lots of leftover material!!  That could be good AND bad.  When will I learn to check these things out before I purchase them?  Sometimes things never change.
The one thing I wish WOULD change is my cooking.  If there are any barbecuers out there, please instruct me on the cooking of chicken breasts.  The steak came out great .... put it on high for 4-5 minutes each side.  The chicken said medium for 7-8 minutes per side.  When done, I took it off and sliced up one piece.  It was like eating a piece of rubber!!  I just couldn't figure out what the problem was.  It wasn't pink .... it LOOKED done!

Finally I said "what the heck ... I'll put it back on the barby for a few minutes more ... like TEN"!!  In the end it was a little overdone in places, but sliced easier and was MUCH more like chicken than my car tire.  Not really tasty, but half a cup of barbecue sauce fixed that.  Hope springs eternal that I will be able to cook two or even three meals in a row that don't turn into disasters.  I won't hold my breath though, because sometimes, things never change!
Nothing ever changes at the Magic Kingdom of Elks Bingo either, as I gear up for tonight's onslaught of peasants.  I'm on my own, as the Castle Lawyer has other commitments.  It's the first of the month, meaning everyone got their checks and I'll be swamped to the gills with cranky peasants fighting for that one card they KNOW is going to win for them!!  Sometimes things never change!!


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    1. It doesn't sound bad on the surface, but I just don't feel comfortable having my photography, contacts and personal information anywhere but in my house. Those automatic charges to your credit cards can sometimes backfire too. I really appreciate the information though!! They seem to be making it less expensive!!

  3. The next time you fire up the barbecue grill and you're going to cook chicken try this little trick
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    1. I'll try the chicken recipe next time. It seems to me it used to be pretty easy on my old bbq. Bluetooth is turned on in my phone ... I use it in the Jeep and RV all the time. I'll definitely check out the computer. Sounds like it would make life easier!!