Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Fingers Are Holey!!

Not Holy, as in blessed, although I am that too, but full of holes from hand stitching the binding on to this quilt.  I've run both ends of the needle into my fingers so many times they are terribly tender ... and I still have half to go!  I know there are things called thimbles.  Funny thing about thimbles ... every time I take a stitch, I push with whatever finger is NOT in the thimble!!

Quilts are crazy characters too .... sometimes you love them and sometimes you don't.  This is a keeper!!  Although it doesn't show up well in the picture, many of the tan squares have different patterned fabric.  I'm a little behind in sewing, as this one came from the Sacramento Quilt Show over a year ago!!
As I wandered around the house trying to decide if I should vacuum or not (NOT), I noticed one unusual result of the pancake marathon.  I kept smelling something between baked goods and barbecue grill, but couldn't figure out what it was.  I was afraid something was cooking that I didn't know about, so I looked around the kitchen area for 15 minutes checking everything I could think of.  Finally it dawned on me ... my Elks shirt and apron were sitting on the counter.  Whew!!  I thought I was going crazy ... well I am, but you know what I mean.  At least I hadn't put something in the oven and forgotten about it!!

Other than sewing, I didn't do much.  Being the hunter gatherer that I am, I headed off for groceries, since my entire refrigerator was empty.   There was this pan of pasta, but I was getting pretty tired of the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  
Here's one I forgot to show you ... the rear view mirror picture I got on the way home from the ball game last week.   Thank goodness the Giants have picked up a little, winning a few more games. 
I think I have finally recovered from the weekend activities, just in time for the Magic Kingdom of Bingo.  Oh Boy!!  Yay!  The bad news is that I'll be on my own tonight, as the Castle Lawyer has other engagements.  

I'm also trying out a new recipe ... french toast bake ... for the WMHA rally next January in Indio.  I hate to say it, but that rally has become rather boring.  Nothing changes from year to year, so I'm trying to spice it up with a breakfast or two.  I know, that's dangerous territory for me, but I'm giving it a shot.  The test pan is in the oven, so I'll let you know how it turns out.  Don't worry, my trusty, handy dandy shovel is close at hand!


  1. I have a recipe for Baked French Toast....it's so yummy!!! Hope you enjoy it.
    Liz-Boise, ID

    1. Thank you Liz ... I've tried maybe 3 or 4 and this is the only one that came out good ..... and it was GOOD!!!

  2. Can you share that recipe,always looking for new recipes for our little Rallies. Thanks