Friday, April 1, 2016

It Was Inevitable ......

First off, I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying my new phone.  I was VERY nervous about transferring the data over.  They will only do that in their store if you keep everything on the Cloud, which I do not!  He kept saying they give me 5gig FREE, but truthfully, 5gig won't even cover my pictures, let alone everything else.

What I did learn however, was to keep all my contacts on the cloud, as well as Find My Phone.  If your phone is lost, you can completely erase it using the Cloud so no one will have your data.  If it gets broken beyond repair, you can still download all your contacts to a new phone.  Since you can pick and choose, I turned everything else off.  Backups of the phone are done to my computer.

At any rate, here's an interesting note.  I plugged my old phone into my computer and did a backup first.  I then plugged in my NEW phone and did a RESTORE.  That transfers ALL the data to the new phone.  Easy peasy, right?  Except ........ new phones all come with WiFi enabled ... allowing everything to be transferred through your WiFi service instead of the phone service carrier and it's MUCH slower!

My WiFi has a limited amount of data usage now, since they discontinued my original plan, so I do EVERYTHING through AT&T (15-20gigs a month).  Once it grabbed my WiFi, I wasn't able to stop it as it ran through all my available data!!  When everything was complete, I immediately turned OFF the WiFi on the phone ... and it will remain so!!  Other than that, I LOVE it!!!  It IS a little hard to get used to the slightly larger screen however.

The rest of the day I worked on organizing my sewing room.  With the cabinet moved to the shorter wall, I have lots more room to spread out.  This picture was taken after I worked on it for about four hours.  It's STILL a big mess!
In the afternoon, I made a quick grocery store run, picking up stuff to make chicken pesto pasta.  I've been on a roll lately and decided to step out of my comfort zone.  What was I thinking??

The chicken part went well ... take the already roasted meat off the bird and cut it up.  Since I forgot to get pasta, I used some of the macaroni I had from the rig ... Target brand.  It wasn't quite normal for some reason (can pasta go bad?), but I figured it would be fine.  Once done, I stirred in the pre-made pesto sauce, dumped in the chicken and half a cup of parmesan cheese and some baby tomatoes just because.

What a shock when I took that first big mouthful!  It had a funny taste and as I continued to chew, it got worse and worse.  What in the world??   Oh it will be fine ... as I scooped out a small bowl full.  I can eat just about anything .................. but NOT this!!

After three bites, a big shiver went down my spine as I mumbled "oh hell no!!"  I knew it was inevitable that another burial would happen, I just didn't think it would be with THIS easy recipe.  What a shame to dump all this in the ground, but dump it I did.  It's a good thing I only made half the recipe!!  Trust me, it was nasty.  I can only assume it was the off brand pesto sauce.  Disgusting isn't a strong enough word!!  I had leftover pizza for dinner.

I have some interesting ancestry news from the Civil War, but I have to do a little more digging when my internet data counter resets.  I got a recall notice on my motorhome, something about a bolt on the step might break.  In the meantime, I'm going to cruise through my cookbooks and see if I can come up with something NEW for dinner!!


  1. Kathy uses good quality Rubbermaid food storage containers for any noodles or pastas that have been opened in order to keep them fresher and to keep unwanted bugs out. We always try store bought sauce before applying it to the rest of the meal allowing us to doctor it to taste. If it's bad the first time we don't buy it again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. A very good idea Rick. I definitely won't be buying THAT pesto sauce again!!

  2. I hope you have a big back yard to fill up.

    1. I DO Ray ... an entire acre! I figure by the time I get to the end, I can start all over!! or move!!!

  3. OK I'm being a pest again
    In your blog you said you have a computer if you open up Bluetooth Open it and do a search for your new phone let it go into the pairing mode
    Your new phone has Bluetooth set that on pairing mode and they'll find each other
    Bluetooth Will pair together and Capture all your data and pictures when you're in range and will automatically transfer over to your computer once setup you never have to do anything after that
    If you have that many pictures you might wish to look into downloading to cloud and as well put it on external hard drive off your main computer you could do once every month that way you won't lose anything because the externaldrive will back up everything as well
    In our company all of our phones are set to receive Bluetooth so any photos that we take on a jobsite ( about 10 Per, stop ) get automatically uploaded when we walk in the door
    My phone is not a company phone it is my personal phone so I have a lot of leeway especially when I get onto funny stupid ridiculous photos on Google image that I upload to my camera You can hear him laughing all away in the other office
    Do you know that your computer also has a tracker so that if you bury something in your backyard you could take a picture of that spot and you will have a GPS coordinates so if for any reason if you wish to dig it up again or avoid that spot that picture will tell you exactly where it is
    Also your new phone should have Siri on it,, check out that feature you'll fall in love with it
    joy your day

    1. I didn't know about the Bluetooth or the GPS, not that I really want to know where I buried all this horrible food, but I'll try it! I do back up my computer monthly to an external hard drive.