Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ring Ring ...... Home Is Calling .....

I'd really rather not answer that call, but there's lots of things to get done at home.  Both of my internet connections will be discontinued in October so they can force me out of my unlimited use contracts.  I'll look at what they have, but my plan is to see if maybe the old units will keep working. 

There's still some last minute ranch paperwork and finding a responsible babysitter for my puppies the last week of October.  Much as I would like to relax, those things and more are laying heavily on my mind.  It's that nagging feeling you just can't get rid of.   I'd really like to move to this part of the country too, but I love my house ... and where would I go???  Questions questions .....

It was gorgeous as I pulled out of Florence on what is close to the last leg of this trip.  There wasn't even any traffic to add to the stress level, making it a nice drive.  
Some sections of the highway show the ravages of lumbering, but then what would you build your house with, or that guitar you play, or the loom I weave on??   At least nowadays they are replanting for future harvest, like in this section.
Another tall bridge ... this one being EXTRA tall to let the ships through.  Around 10:00 the clouds came in and blocked the sun for the rest of the day, kind of matching my mood.  Maybe a little shopping excursion would brighten things up.
As I pulled into Coos Bay there was a huge ship on the dock loaded with containers, and waiting to be loaded were enormous piles of timber.
Finally checked in at Bandon RV Park (I had to back in to my site ... yikes!!), I ran a quick load of laundry and headed off to the harbor for some halibut and chips.  It will be the last chance I have for good fish, so I'm taking full advantage!!  These pieces were over an inch thick, juicy and delicious!!
Although apparently beautiful the day before, THIS day was cold and very windy.  I thought to walk around for pictures, but got too cold too quickly.  I got all of three instead of my usual 89!!  Remnants of the old docks still exist in the bay, perfect perches for the seagulls.

Whitecaps kept most of the fishermen off the water, except this guy who caught one small salmon.  He was cleaning it on the back of his boat, with lots of company from the seagulls!!
I walked down the dock to talk to some fishermen at the end who were trying to catch bait fish, wanting to go out for salmon, but the water was just too rough.  In two seconds, one kid caught a tiny three inch fish and was thrilled!!  He thought it was a baby salmon!!
I wandered around town and stopped in at a shop I missed last time.  These are actually quilted tablecloths I'll use at home.  So much stuff I can't find in my little area of the world!!
This is a gorgeous fall-colored silk scarf Cooper is modeling for me.  He really wasn't too happy about it as you can tell!!  Are you done yet Mom?  Are you done??
Lastly, this is Zoey, just so you'll know when you go to Given Back in Florence!!  She's a little camera shy and wouldn't look at me!!  Too funny ... but what a sweetheart!!
There's only one to-do on my list today ...  West Coast Game Park Safari.  Okay, maybe two ... the ice cream store is just down the street!!  Then there's the Wool Store and downtown shops and .........


  1. When one adventure ends another one starts. You have had a fantastic adventure this time and we are all looking forward to you next adventure. My hardest part of any trip is when I start heading home. Joe

    1. I have had a great time .... and there will be many more. The part I don't like is unloading when I get home!! LOL

  2. I would love having you live in "our neck of the woods", Then you could live here and be a snowbird like us. You'd have the best of both worlds. :)

    1. I'm definitely thinking in that direction Betty!!

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