Friday, January 11, 2013

Under the Big Top -- In Other Words, Shopping!!

The theme of this Rally is Under the Big Top ... and they have a huge tent filled with vendors selling everything motorhome.  Come on girls and guys ... it's shopping time!!!

 Patty and I started off early at a "Don't Go Without Velcro" seminar.  It soon dawned on me that THIS rally was more about commercial "selling" seminars than those I have previously attended.  Although they give you good ideas, they are mostly selling something you can't live without.  I think I heard my checkbook sobbing in my purse!!
We met Dan at the Big Top and headed in.  I'm looking for a tire pressure notification system, so if I'm going down the road and one goes flat, I'm notified immediately in order to prevent further damage.  Nick Russell, Tom Westerfield and Dan, all like the "Tire Tracker" model and that's a recommendation I can't pass up.  First purchase ... $463.00.  The good news is that the units each have a small battery, replaceable for $2.50 instead of replacing the entire sensor for $35.  As we moved on, I picked up an over the door security/porch light, a sewer hose support, and couldn't live without the mixer that will turn skim milk into whipped cream!  In fact, if you buy 3 you get one free!!!  Patty and I split the purchase!!

By now, we have noticed the "tent" is moving quit a bit from the wind building up outside.  By the time we left the building (checkbook now sobbing annoyingly loud!!) the wind and dirt was unbearable.  We headed back to hold up in the RV's.  I peeked out one time to get this picture.
As the wind died down, Dan knocked on the door and asked about my power.  The lights are on, so I assume I'm ok, but down the line, there were some outage problems.  How could that be??  The electrical service wiring here is so professionally done!!  About that time, the two electricians came to check it out, as I took a flash picture.  Boy did they jump!!  Note to self .. no flash pictures around electricians ... it looks like something arcing!!!  Yup .. this is our hookup!!!
One last trip back to the Big Top for Patty and I resulted in a few more necessities.  Design-it-yourself earrings and a squeegee with pads for washing the motorhome sparkling clean!!!  We picked up our earlier-ordered signs ... Buzzards Roost with a cow skull for me and Last Chance Ranch with saguaro cactus for Patty and Dan ... and headed back to a pizza party at the old corral.  Perfect ending to a nice Big Top shopping day.

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