Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Lazy Day in The Sun!

Hearing about all the cold weather here in Indio, we were pleasantly surprised to see 70 degree temperatures yesterday.  That's very good for my parrot Jonathan.  He's definitely a warm weather kind of guy.  I was up early ... 4:30 am kind of early.  I pleaded, coached and finally yelled at Cooper to give me 30 more minutes!!  It was not a second later and he was standing on my head!!

Since the Chance household with the breakfast Chef lives right next door, I headed out with my bottle of pancake syrup as a subtle hint.  It worked!!!  Pancakes and bacon were whipped up in the blink of an eye and were ohhhhh so good!!  Miss Gracie wasn't quite up yet ... snoozing on Patty's lap.
Once everyone was moving and shaking, Dan came over to see about a Best Buy run.  Seems his Nikon Coolpix cable didn't find it's way into the motorhome ... and what is a blog without pictures???  Jessie took full advantage of his presence ... she loves to play the Purr Game with him.  He pets her, she "purrs" rather loudly and viciously!!  All in play though ..... REALLY she's just playing!!
Most everyone in this group has animals ... either cats or dogs.  I haven't been introduced to all of them yet, but two beauties live with D and Bill Hall.  Westies they are called .. the sweetest disposition I've ever seen.  Sophie and Bitsy (not sure I'm spelling that right) just LOVE scratches and pets.  While D and I talked, they stretched out for a nap.
After hitting Best Buy, we came out  with wallets a little lighter.  Dan couldn't get just a cable, so opted for a whole new camera (my kind of thinking) and I got two Cobra walkie-talkies.  It's so much easier to keep in contact with other coaches when traveling .... and to keep track of Patty when she wanders off on flower forays!!

You would think this blog revolves around food ... and it DOES!! across the street is a Five Guys Hamburger joint, one of Dan's favorites.  They have the best burgers ... just like homemade.  Talk about getting it your way -- you tell them exactly all the condiments you want, and that's what you get.  This is the "small" burger!!  Yummy!!
Back at the Roving Castle, we gathered a few snacks and headed to happy hour, after which ... you got it, more food ... we headed to the Fisherman's Restaurant again for more fish.  This time however, I discovered the "Under 300 calorie" menu.  A huge piece of Mahi Mahi with veges and a salad.  It was so good I couldn't get my camera out before I took a big bite!!
Totally stuffed, we passed on the key lime pie and chocolate decadence cake.  Today is the Chapter Fair and Craft Class signups.  All of the different Chapters of FMCA gather to explain what they do, and to lure you into joining with offers of chocolate and other scrumptious stuff.  At this point, I'm still full from yesterdays lunch, let alone dinner, so I doubt I will be lured anywhere.  The Craft Classes they have are extensive.  I'll let you know what I sign up for!!!

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