Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Under The Big Top!! FMCA 2013

Having recovered from the bird cage crash (yes, Jonathan is still alive), we arrived at the huge parking lot next to Walmart in Indio, where 16 motorhomes spent the night, in order to be staged in the morning for the short trip to the fairgrounds.  The FMCA Golden Spikes group is impressively organized!  It is an amazing feat to have 16 motorhomes AND tow vehicles, all end up at the same place, in order, at the same time (after I ran the last red light that is)!!  In less than 15 minutes, we were on our way to our parking spots with a "group space" in between for happy hour.
My bestest friends Patty and Dan Chance arrived just as we did ... seems like I just saw them yesterday.  Once parked, Dan helped me with my electrical hookup and I'm set up for the week.  I met two couples parked facing me, from San Francisco and Arizona.  The men were rather surprised to find out that I drove the RV ... AND towed a vehicle!!  Come on guys ... your wives can do it!!!!  Teach them how!! I do have to add here, however, that the lead RV Kurt Simon, slowed down just for me when he heard the squeak in my voice answering his question of "is this speed ok?"

Happy hour came fairly quickly, so armed with some appetizers, we sat around and chatted for an hour before dinner.  I have never come across such a friendly, diverse group of people.
Sunset came quickly and was beautiful ... much better than pictures can show.  Especially since taken with my phone!!  I promise to get the "real" camera out today!!
Now I'm full ... I was still full from lunch ... and it's time for dinner.  'D' and Bill Hall, Patty, Dan and I went to the Fisherman's for dinner, a place I had never heard of.  They have indoor and outdoor seating and great service!!
 As you walk in, a huge menu with everything fish, is on the left.  This picture shows only HALF of the menu.
Orders are placed at the counter, then brought to your table.  We are actually inside the building ... it looks like a fish market!!
Prices are really reasonable and portions are huge.  I had my favorite mahi mahi tacos, as did Patty.  Bill had a variety platter with enough food on one plate to last me three days.  He's already eaten half of it!! 'D' had her favorite crab salad, as did Dan ... it looked wonderful!!
Perfect ending to a great day.  Thank goodness I don't have to drive for a few days!!  The rally doesn't actually start until Thursday ... not that it matters, cuz I never can remember what day it is.  Under the big top will be vendors galore and lots of seminars from Catholic Mass to bracelet making to chassis maintenance to charm school!!  Should be fun!!!!

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