Saturday, January 12, 2013

FIRE!! FIRE!! and Ice Cream Gone Bad!!

Up early again, I checked the schedule to see what seminar would fit me best.  Having recently heard stories about RV fires, I thought that might be a good start.  I don't think I have ever used a fire extinguisher.  On the ranch, a shovel was the best tool we had.  Mac The Fire Guy was presenting "Fire Safety in your RV", so Patty and I headed out early to listen in.  It's 30 degrees and we are in an old quonset hut building, freezing.  We're hoping the actual FIRE part starts soon so we can warm up!! After several terrible stories, he went into detail explaining how to get out of a burning motorhome with as little damage to your body as possible.  Opening the windows often is the first preventative measure, to make sure the rubber has not sealed the escape window shut.

Next up was an explanation of how smoke detectors work.  The problem we all have is that cooking morning bacon often starts the detector screeching, with no way to turn it off.  Mac has a detector with a reset (or shut up) button.

Finally, we are outside setting a fire so we can all thaw out.  When he asked for women volunteers, my hand went up first.  The fire was started with diesel and gasoline and he said "Fire!! Fire!!, put the fire out!" then continued to scream and yell, running around like crazy!!!  It startled me at first, but the point was that you have to be able to THINK in a crises, not panic.  Remember, my thought was to practice  using a fire extinguisher.  Except mine didn't work.  He's still screaming ... mine still isn't working!!  So he called for the backup extinguisher ... hers didn't work either!!
Finally, when the fire is really going, he grabs a small can and puts it out.  Two more demonstrations of how to put out larger fires and I was starting to thaw out a little.  A later purchase included several fire extinguishers for the RV and the tow vehicle, as well as a smoke alarm with a "shut up" button.
Off to have our group picture taken, we all posed and said cheese while at least four cameras were passed back and forth ... just in time to head for the ice cream distribution point.  The Golden Spike members volunteer for the Ice Cream Social, passing out the bars and trying to make sure everyone gets only one.  Apparently people have actually changed their shirt and come back through the line to be sure they got TWO .50 ice creams.  At any rate, the Schwans truck should have been parked and ready, but the only yellow around was the Golden Spike shirts.
Dan asked that I check my smart phone for the local Schwans dealer to see if the order had been placed.  Not too smart after all, I could only get the corporate office in Michigan.  Long story short, no order placed, no ice cream.  Everyone quickly covered up their yellow shirts so the crowd wouldn't thrash us!!  The announcement of no ice cream, made the local ice cream vendor happy, because everyone just moved over to his site and bought their own!!  Unfortunately at this late date and time, I'm pretty sure there will be no free ice cream in the future for this huge group.  Hmmmm, now I'm craving ice cream.  Think I'll mosey over to the ice cream vendor.

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