Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Take That, Mayans!!!!

We made it another year!!!  Take that, Mayans!!!  Happy Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Ofelia and I spent New Years Eve hanging from the upper reaches of Metalmark Climbing Gym.  Totally a 5.10 climber now, I bombed out big time.  You just can't climb hard on Saturday and again on Monday.  We decided we need a weeks rest in between!!!  Fun time anyway ... we tried several new routes and watched a "HUNK" put up new routes on the lead walls.

Not a party person really, I spent the evening with my puppies, playing with their new Christmas toys.  I watched the "ball" fall into the new year and snuggled up with the babies.  At least until 5:30 when Cooper heard a noise ... and it was on!!  "Throw the ball, Mom!!"

So here's to lots of ball-throwing in the New Year.  Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2013!!!

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