Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Segway Kind of Day!!

The "actual" FMCA rally doesn't start until Thursday so there is no rush (we thought) to get going this morning.  About noon, Patty, D and I headed out to sign up for some of the artsy craftsy classes they are having.  We were interested in the knitted scarf ... really cute ... and expected to get our names on the list.  The signup tables opened at noon.  We arrived at 12:08.  One minute later we were told they were full -- no waiting list -- no "come over just in case someone doesn't show up" -- simply we were too late.  Disappointed and a little grumpy, we headed back to our coaches when I spied the Segway Guys!!

I have always wanted to ride one and get some information.  I heard they ran about $2500-$3000.  Pretty pricey toy but I thought well worth it.  After a discussion/lecture on the electronics and how they work, I was told to just climb on and be still.  I was surprised at the amount of balance you have to have for this.  It is VERY touchy!!  If you lean forward and put pressure on your toes, off you go.  If you lean back and put pressure on your heals, you back up.  And I was OFF!!!
Kind of shaky at first, but boy is this fun!!  I'm riding the larger "off-road" model.  With a range of about 12 miles for this version, you can go on trails or roads, anywhere it can get traction.  The second model is for city use, with smaller tires and a range of 25 miles.  It will fit in the bay of the motorhome, but must be kept plugged in and charging every day.  Once the battery loses it's charge, you lose $1000 for a new one.  The shocker came when D asked just exactly how much it was.  A cool $6200 -- and that was with a $500 discount for the show.  Thank you very much ... we left!!!!

We did come back later, bringing Dan with us.  Being a Harley rider, he had more than enough balance and took off like a shot!!  Too bad the sticker shock killed this idea!!
Next up was the Chapter Fair where different FMCA groups try to lure you into joining them with all kinds of candy, displays and pictures showing what a great time they have together.  I'm pretty partial to my Golden Spike group, but did pick up a couple of brochures.  Heading back to the motorhomes, we stopped in at a couple of models ... just checking out the new floor plans.  I had never seen nor been in some of the brands.  I have to say, with the exception of the new L shaped couch (with movable chair) I still like mine the best.  I did however, find this desk design that I want to put in place of my love seat to allow for a recliner.  I didn't have to go far.  I found it right next door in Patty and Dan's rig!!!
Time for another Happy Hour where we listened to a short presentation by SkyMed, an emergency air transportation service.  Should you become sick or need an emergency trip to the hospital, they will not only fly you there, but provide someone to take your motorhome wherever you might want or need it. They brought a large selection of wine and cheese with them, so we all listened intently!!!

Food, food and more food.  I think I have food coming out my eyeballs ... it was tri-tip potluck dinner night!!  The guys did an awesome job of barbecuing the meat and the side dishes brought to the tables were empty in 30 minutes, including my broccoli salad.  What happened to the frozen Peanut Butter Pie you ask???  That's a story for another day!!!

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