Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Hospital Diet ... BLAND!!

So much for saving the best watch I ever purchased.  This Garmin GPS watch has saved the bell many a time.  Once you hit the start button, it creates a map of where you are going, so if you get lost, it can get you back home.  Pretty handy when in the mountains.

The lettering was plenty big enough to read even without my glasses.  Alas, I think it is on it's last leg.  It went blank again, even though it had a 70% charge.  I hate that things become obsolete so fast.  To replace it will cost around $450.  I can buy a lot of watches for that.

And so I guess I'll say goodbye to this magical piece of electronics that beeped me through the Nike Marathon five times, the San Francisco marathon three times and the California International Marathon once in 32 degree weather.  I'm so very sad to see you go.  I guess we all become outdated at some point.
I held a little memorial service on the patio, watching the clouds float by.  Wait!!!  Ding ding ding!  Maybe ... just maybe it needs to be updated on my computer.  More than likely, it's the battery that's gone kaput, but who knows.  I think I'll do a little more investigation before I bury my best friend.
It was rather a nice morning, but I had to make a call to my Vet in California and attend a sewing klatch at my neighbor's house.  
It's so cool how in just minutes, those puffy white clouds can turn into this!!
So here are the results of the call.  Cooper just seems to have a sensitive stomach and a taste for the finer things in life, like filet mignon.  He completely refused his food for the entire day, not to mention requiring a trip outside every hour.  Poor baby!!

I finally broke down and gave him some of Jessie's food, which he loves.  The Vet said that's like giving your kid with a stomach ache an In N Out burger.  It only makes it worse.  I was sufficiently chastised.

I was hoping for the easy route ... a prescription for the low fat dog food he's had previously, but try as I might, I couldn't talk the Vet into it.  He said what Cooper needed was rice, just a little chicken, and maybe plain macaroni or potato ... BLAND things.  Like a hospital diet.

Seriously?  I don't even cook for myself, and you want me to cook for my dog?  The answer was YES!!  So just to show you how much I love my puppy, I went to the store.  I bought potatoes to nuke in the microwave, cooked chicken (which he LOVES and because it was the same price as a whole raw one), rice and pumpkin.  

Yes .... pumpkin is supposed to soothe a bad stomach.  I won't tell you what Cooper said about the pumpkin, other than OH HELL NO!!  Some day I'll make pumpkin bread I guess.

I cooked the rice, chopped up the chicken and the potato and added in just a tad of chicken juice, having defatted it in the fridge.  Geez ... I don't even do that for ME!!  Then I heated it up just a little.

He ate every single bite!!  GOOD!!   No ... that's BAD!  That means I have to cook for a picky eater puppy!!  BUT ..... we only had to go outside ONCE last night.  Hopefully that means he's on the mend.

You will soon see me in the dog food aisles looking for a suitable replacement for rice, potatoes and chicken.  I really don't see me doing this cooking for long.  There must be SOMETHING out there he will eat that won't upset his stomach.  I guess he's just getting old like me.  Lots of things upset my stomach nowadays too!!

I really have been working on those lightning pictures and hope to have them soon ... like tomorrow!!  The sewing group was a kick in the pants, as always, as we chowed down on Chef Patty's Asian Chicken Salad.  Maybe I can talk her into making a rice, chicken and potato casserole!!


  1. If you need to continue to cook for Cooper, maybe you could use your Instant Pot. Do you have it with you in Arizona?

    1. Why yes I do Carol ..... and that's a great idea. Although I'm hoping I find something pre-made in a can. SO much easier.

  2. I remember my Mom cooking rice with chicken for her aging dog. I wonder if a canned chicken/rice soup would work? Maybe there's a chicken/rice dog food since so many dogs wind up only being able to eat that? Maybe use a rice cooker and add canned chicken meat? Or rotisserie chicken? Wow my brain hurts.

    1. Hahaha Linda ... I'm in the same boat. Canned chicken ... I didn't think of that and it would be SO much easier.

  3. Toss a teaspoon of the pumpkin in with the rest of the stuff and mix it up...if he eats, then next time a tablespoon. We had to do that for Skruffy in Alaska after being diagnosed....

    1. I'll give it a try Dave. He's so finicky, I'm not sure I can fool him! LOL