Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Girl Is Doing Good!!

What a couple of days it has been!  The Magic Kingdom went reasonably well except for the gal who tried to bite the Castle Lawyer's head off because she told her to wait her turn.  Some people are just rude and there's nothing we can say or do to change that.  It's a hazard of the position.

Mostly it seems there was just a little too much alcohol flowing around the masses.  One of the workers (I'll call him Chimney because he's always going outside for a smoke) forgot to come and get the jackpot money for his winner until three games later.  That had everyone in an uproar when I said I had already paid out the money.  He got a little dicey with me, whereupon I told him he should really be quiet before I bonked him on the head.  He acquiesced.

We finally discovered he should have requested the payout THREE games earlier.  Case solved, the lady got her winnings.  Patience is a virtue required for my position ... unfortunately it's not my forte!!

The next morning bright and early I dropped Miss Jessie off at the Vet's office.  I had a few questions about the $792 estimate.  "I" thought it must be for both surgeries AND the teeth pulling and cleaning.  As usual, I was wrong.  They forgot to include the two surgeries on her legs.  THAT estimate came in at other $700.  I was livid and steam was coming out of my ears.

I guess I'll have to take her elsewhere.  You guys are pricing yourselves out of the market.  I can get it done for MUCH less at Santa Fe Pet Hospital (although that's not my favorite place).  I raised such a stink that the Vet came out himself to discuss it.  It's just an estimate he said.  Funny, I've never EVER paid less than the estimate I was given.

I know you have expensive equipment to pay for, but this is unaffordable.  $1500 just isn't going to hack it!!  He promised it would be less than the estimate and I could pay over several months.  As fast as the cancerous tumor was growing, Jessie probably wouldn't survive if I didn't do it, so I bit the bullet really hard and said go ahead.

My poor baby came home in really sad shape.  I made a big bed for her on the living room floor, where she, Cooper and I slept last night.  Not really slept ... she was pretty restless and wouldn't stay down.  She wanted to be in her spot on the couch.
I finally gave her another pain pill, hoping that would help her sleep.  We were up at 4:00 ... she actually walked to the door to go outside.  Good girl Miss Jessie!!  She ate like a horse ... I slipped another pain pill and some antibiotics into her food ... and parked herself on the couch.  I'm sure she will sleep all morning, like normal, while I'm at the funeral.   She's not going to like that cone of shame thing though.
What about the bill you ask?  It's amazing what a lot of bitching can achieve ... maybe not in all cases, but in this case the end result was a bill for $700, less than HALF of the original estimate.  It's still a lot of money, but I feel much better that Miss Jessie got the treatment she needed and I will be sleeping on a BED (which I can now afford) in my new house instead of the floor.

So there you have it ... I'm playing nursemaid for the next four days until the bandages come off.  He got all of the back leg cancer and much of the front leg, plus took out two really bad teeth.  She's resting comfortably.


  1. Poor Miss Jessie! Hope she heals well. Good to know it paid to protest the vet's outrageous bill! Jessie looks so much like our Gigi, and we've also had some big vet bills, mainly for pulling teeth.

    1. She's definitely worth the expense, but gosh ... to think I've been paying full price all these years when all I needed to do was get a little mad!!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too Dave! These kids .... just can't live without them!!

  3. Glad Jessie is doing better but as we all know the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The more noise the better the result.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I just had no idea I was overpaying so much over the years. I'm glad I finally spoke up!!