Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood ...

Back to my photography .......  It's hard to get models here, and especially hard to get my schedule to match theirs.  My bestest girl called and said she was available last night if I had any projects she could do.  Are you kidding???  I have a long list of projects just waiting for models.

This one ... Little Red Riding Hood ... needed to be set up in a forest.  Not many of those around this area, but I did know where there were several stands of trees.  After ripping a nice plant apart so I could use the basket, we headed off about 6:00 p.m.  My friend and assistant Diane came along as the "cape flinger" and "wolf"!!!!

Here is Miss Riding Hood walking through the forest.  No, she doesn't look very scared ... Diane did her best imitation of a wolf, but Miss Hood only laughed!!!
The big bad wolf ... well not really ... but she did growl a time or two!!!
We got lots of looks and cat whistles while doing this shoot ... obviously because Miss Red is very beautiful.  Sorry guys ... she has a great boyfriend!!

Special effects in this shot!!  She's really not running ... and her cape is the result of Diane's expert "flinging".  
It takes quite a few shots to get an image like this.  You always try to get the model to visualize something so the facial expression you want, comes across in the image.  After many crazy faces and hysterical laughter (we do have a lot of fun on these shoots), I was finally able to capture this one.  You have to guess what she was thinking about!!!
Finally my favorite image.  So now you know WHY the wolf was chasing Little Miss Riding Hood!!!
Now if I can just find that frog .... and a model willing to kiss him ....................

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