Monday, August 4, 2014

Rush Hour Traffic On Sunday!!

About the time we were ready to leave the Tiki RV Campground, they dropped a tree right in the middle of the road.  I inched around some vehicles and low hanging branches, found a park exit, then went back in the main gate to hook up my Jeep.  The lady was so happy I had caught the cat, she offered us another night free, but since we are trying to skirt around the storms, it was time to hit the road.  Crossing South on the Mackinac Bridge cost $14.00!!
The approach to the bridge is pretty spectacular.  I expected to see the steel grating, but it was much further up.  It is rather high and VERY long!!  Loaded trucks can only go 20 mph ... and wouldn't you know, we got stuck behind one, lucky for us!!  There are no lane changes allowed, so we had lots of time to appreciate this awesome structure.
Surprise!!  The right hand lane is regular asphalt the entire way.  The left hand lane has the grating I wasn't looking forward to.  It's much easier to drive on pavement!!
I have to admit, other than a couple of quick pictures, it was a two-handed driving bridge.  The lanes are pretty narrow, even at only 20 mph!!
And we're OFF!!!  It's going to be a long day driving all the way to Detroit!!  No worries, I have lots of snacks, a pepsi and some water.  Unfortunately, I ran out of everything rather quickly!!
In no time at all we hit traffic.  In fact, traffic was bad from the Mackinac Bridge all the way to Detroit.  I've never seen so many boats, bikes and kayaks strapped every way conceivable to all kinds of vehicles.  I'm pretty sure EVERYONE in the South went to Mackinac Island and were returning home Sunday, as this line of vehicles passing us, never quit the entire trip.
Seriously, traffic was the worst, even out in the middle of nowhere.  We didn't even have to be near a town!!  SEVEN hours later .... yup seven hours of traffic that looked like this, we finally were getting close when the signs said our highway was closed and there was a detour.  This looks like LA!!
Ugh ... I was so tired from  1) keeping my rig in MY lane and  2) staying AWAY from all those weekend drivers who don't know their 36 foot fifth wheel is wider than the front of their pickup.  I thought Barbara said we were 15 minutes out ... YAY ... but she must have said 50,  because it was 60 by the time we pulled off the freeway at this unique contraption that holds up the overpass bridge.  What in the world???  I'm not sure if it's supposed to be art or some new cheaper-to-build design!!
A few minutes later we were parked at the Moose Lodge in Taylor Michigan outside of Dearborn.  Since they sold the building, we're not sure if we will be allowed to stay three days in order to tour some of Henry Ford's attractions.  Tomorrow morning, we will either be happy as clams with a 30 amp parking spot, or we'll be packing up and looking for Walmart.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

In the meantime, we'll be stocking up on water.  Seems Lake Erie has a huge algae/bacteria problem at this end of the lake, causing 400,000 people to be without their normal water supply.  Consequently there was a run on bottled water at the stores and they are now OUT!!!  New supplies are being shipped in, but I think we'll fill up before we leave here!!  It's just another story to tell about the Great Adventure!!!

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