Thursday, August 14, 2014

Malone, Upstate New York .....

Walmart parking lot ... home away from home.

Lots of sweeping rain all night, unlike the downpours we've had previously ... but at least I know my rig doesn't leak!!

Rocking and rolling in the wind ...

Roaming Internet ... you know, like dial-up ...

So the Clayton Boat Museum will have to wait for a better internet day when it doesn't take an hour to load two images.

This was yesterday morning's sunrise and the river I spoke about.  Later, we spent a couple of hours at the boat museum, where Barbara and I met the Editor of Wooden Canoe Magazine, previously the Curator of this museum, as he was building one canoe and restoring another.  Can't wait to show you those pictures!!
A three hour drive in beautiful country where I saw four more Amish rigs (but wasn't fast enough with the camera) landed us at Walmart for the night, before continuing on to Burlington Vermont.
Lastly, it's cold!!  YAY!!!  Although the weather hasn't been nearly as hot as this year, I don't do heat terribly well, so I'm loving the cold weather!!  We're almost there ... MAINE ... where I plan on stuffing myself to the gills with my favorite ... LOBSTER!!!

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