Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Exercise!!! It's GOOD For You!!

I'm pretty sure I walked three miles around all the cars at the show.  It's never enough to work off all the bad things I eat however, so I decided it was time to hit the trails.  I started off at the docks looking for that elusive geocache that can't be had without muddy feet.  It was a gorgeous morning on the river.
On this day, it wasn't just the pups hanging out on the boat.   Apparently this floating apartment (a really old one I might add) is the home of this gentleman too.  I'm pretty sure you won't find this kind of chair on your normal fishing boat, but the puppies seemed to love it.  
I had just a smidgen of tortilla left from that bacon thing I chocked down, which I dropped while digging for my camera.  I actually caught this with my iPhone.  The best camera you can have is the ONE you have in your hand.
This is for my friend Lynn Malloy.  When we were in high school (or maybe just out of high school) she bought a Dodge Super Bee with a HUGE engine, made just for racing around town.  Now you know where I got THAT from!!  Unfortunately she doesn't have it any more ... would be worth a fortune, right??  I drove a GTO with three two's (carburetors) that was once owned by Benny Two Can, aptly named because he got drunk on two cans of beer.  I didn't drink beer, but I sure did race his car a lot!!
One last engine picture and I'll get on with it.  Most all the cars had shiny chrome on the underside of the hood so you could see the engine better.  Pretty fabulous, but I can't see myself dusting and cleaning this much chrome!  I can barely keep my rig clean!!
One last stop at the Farmers Market netted some of the best soft peanut brittle around.  I found a recipe, just haven't tried it yet!!  THIS is why I need to exercise more!!
It's a little bit of a drive up the Coast to Cape Perpetua, but totally worth it.  By all means, stop in at every little turnout for some spectacular views.  In fact, I went up to Devil's Churn first, then stopped all along the way back.  

When parking here, put your Senior National Parks Pass on the dash.  Otherwise, it's a pay zone.  Take the trail to the right and down ... everything is DOWN here.  Once at the very bottom, you are up close and personal with the churning water.  Too bad the tide was going out.  It's always better to see these things at high tide if possible.  They are much more spectacular!!

I can't believe these guys were in the middle of that water.  They were being tossed around like your underwear in a washing machine.  
From the bottom, you can follow the trail ... it's not a good trail, watch your step ... around the tip of the mountain cliff.  You can even walk out to the very edge of the rocks, but be VERY careful.  One rogue wave and you'll be like those cormorants in the washing machine.  There's no danger if you stay close to the cliff.  You'll find all kind of flotsam and sea creatures.  The root section, usually anchored to the rocks, is on the left.  Big waves ripped it loose and deposited it here.
Everyone was looking for breakfast!  This guy was peeling barnacles from the rocks and swallowing them as fast as he could before he got hit by a wave.  This one actually got us BOTH wet!!
Although there were huge waves coming in, with most of the action going OUT, they didn't crash spectacularly on the rocks.  Instead, they made mush of everything organic in the water, resulting in that foamy green stuff you see here.
Keep going around the mountain and you will see a set of stairs going back up to the parking lot.  Along the way you will also see a sign that says Spouting Horn.  Do NOT ... I repeat DO NOT go that way.  It's about five miles round trip.  How do I know?  Yeah, I went that way.  By the time I saw this guy, I was hoping he would land and pick me up!!
If you're in to hiking, this is the trail for you.  For most however, I discovered you can drive right to my next destination ... the Spouting Horn, which wasn't spouting at all.  RATS!!  That's why you should go at high tide.  I'll fill you in on that one tomorrow!!