Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Company Is Here!!!

Every winter, usually during the biggest wind/rain storm, the Vultures, or turkey buzzards as we call them, return to the back of my property.  As I was walking in the back yard with the puppies, two caught my eye as they took quick interest and buzzed the rooftop.  Hey guys ... we're all still moving around down here!!

I rushed back inside to get my camera ... surely these guys would fit in that 365 project SOMEWHERE!  (Hint ... you will probably see them again).  I caught this guy just in time for his landing.
Their wing span is 6-7 feet, so they are pretty intimidating.  As I stood looking up, another swooped over my head, so I called the puppies inside.  There's no danger really ... they just eat carrion ... dead stuff ... like my cooking.  When I stepped back outside, there were literally hundreds floating around the sky.
I don't know where they came from or where they went, but the next morning there wasn't a bird in sight.  The trees in back, usually full of youngsters, were completely empty.  That's probably not a bad thing ... I won't have to deal with Jessie coming in smelling like roadkill from rolling in their droppings.   Maybe they didn't like my cooking!!

I added a little color to this image so you could see his beak and face a little better.  In spite of their looks, they are very majestic birds that soar on the breezes like performing a ballet.  
Today's picture was "hot drinks".  It would have worked out great two days ago when the temperature was 32 degrees and the steam was rising like vultures over something rotten, but this morning of course, it's 52 degrees.  There's not a wisp of steam, even though this poor hot chocolate got nuked for three minutes.  

It did bring back some nice memories though ... definitely worth the shot.  When Miss Patty and I were in Costa Rica in the pouring rain, soaked to the skin in 100 degree temperature, they served us the best hot chocolate I've ever had in my life.  It was so good I ordered an entire box when I got home.  It cost $11.00 for the cocoa and $27.00 to get it shipped here, which took almost three months.  It didn't dawn on me until later I had asked that three pounds of white powder be shipped to the U.S.  It finally made it, but had been opened and resealed ten times!!
Ever since, no matter how many times I "unsubscribe", I still get emails from the company that sold the cocoa mix.  Maybe I'll order some more just for the fun of it.

I made it to the Magic Kingdom of Bingo last night, but didn't last long.  Guess I don't feel as good as I thought I did.  Today I have to sign some legal documents and hit the grocery store, followed by more list making and packing.  In between, I'll be back on the couch!!


  1. Glad you're on the slow road to recovery. If you need a picture of snow, Idaho has lots. Started snowing last night & is still going.
    Feel better!
    Liz-Boise, ID

    1. I will definitely need a snow picture. Maybe you could take one for me! LOL Much as I love snow, driving in it isn't my favorite pastime.

  2. White powder from Costa Rica ,, WOW that's a no-brainer
    White powder from Costa Rica ,, OK boys and girls break out the forensic drug test kit
    Let's see vultures in the tree over your backyard that's also a no-brainer looking for dead things, you didn't see a shovel under their wings did you
    Either that or they read your blog and know you're leaving so they'll come back when you're not there, that's probably what killed the grass in the back 40 last year

    Is the Coco you have Subi' (Costa Rican) if so you got it cheap
    The next time you go into the big city try to find a grocery store called the,,fresh market,,you may want to inquire from the manager they sometimes have some weird stuff in there,
    and have you tried Mexican Coco most any Mexican grocery store would have it
    I'm kind of a dump it in a cup Nestlé's guy (no importation needed)
    But I do go bonkers if I could find real Costa Rican tarrazu coffee
    To possibly get rid of the email use the spam filter block ( Mark as spam )

    1. Yes, the cocoa was Costa Rican. Delicious stuff!! Actually I have not checked my local Mexican Market .... they just might have some.

      I do have a spam folder, but lots of "good" mail goes there too, so I have to peruse everything.

  3. I knew you were sick...but so sick that the Vultures are circling your house? LOL

    1. That's IT Dave .... they were after ME all along!!