Friday, April 7, 2017

Oil ... It's Worth A Small Fortune!!!

Oil has become the new Gold Standard.  I distinctly remember it costing less than $30 to change the oil in my car.  I suppose that goes to show just how REALLY old I am.  On the ranch, I never paid any attention since we had it delivered in bulk and my Dad did all the changing of the gooey stuff.

I'm pretty sure the last time I had this done was in Tucson Arizona and I was shocked to pay $50.00 at something like Henry's Oil Can, or whatever it was.  Honestly, I don't pay much attention to those things.  Since every time I got in my car the lights would light up and the bell would ring, I discussed said oil change with my Co-Elks at Bingo.  GO TO JIFFY LUBE was the resounding advice.  This particular business is managed by an honest guy who won't try to sell you stuff you don't need.

So yesterday, I wandered on over to Jiffy Lube.  I was a little taken aback when I saw the red sign.  Didn't they used to be yellow?  Was that someone else?  I asked for the Manager right off the bat.  No use messing around.  Turns out he was the guy who met me at the door.  I asked him to change the oil and check the air filter.
Since I've heard so much about Jiffy Lube NOT changing the oil but charging you anyway, I was pretty leery of their reputation.  They have been caught on several occasions doing even worse than that in the town next to me.  I was VERY suspicious to say the least.
When they called my name the first time, I innocently walked to the counter to see my old air filter.  They actually asked me if I wanted it replaced or not, it was up to me.  It was pretty nasty, what with all that off-roading in Arizona.  

Then they pulled up on the computer screen the recommendations Jeep has for all the other maintenance on the car, none of which was due they said ... at least according to the mileage, which we all know is a big fat lie!!  They think it has 21,000 miles when the actual total is closer to 50,000 when you include towing.

Then came the shock factor!!  The oil filter was a measly $8.  The Pennzoil was a whopping $50 ... just for the oil????  Add another $22 for labor, followed up with $25 for the air filter and BAM!!! $117.65 for an oil change!!!!!   I almost fainted ...  I would have if he had been about six feet tall and a tad more muscular!!

At least I can say he was an honest guy who didn't try to oversell me ANYTHING!!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, being the cranky female I am.  Next up, a carwash, even though it was threatening rain.  The Jeep was filthy inside and out.  At least now for $10, it's MOSTLY clean on the outside.  I got it home and in the garage just as the rain began.

I had planned on doing a little grocery shopping, but with all my money now in the belly of the Jeep, I sat on the couch with the puppies and worked on this needlepoint project.  It's almost complete ... maybe I'll have it done in time for Halloween this year!!
Back to home repairs, now that my one sprinkler valve is fixed, I have another problem.  Isn't that always the way??  Apparently I have a ghost living on the property with me.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!!


  1. I can still get oil changed on HHR for $25 here in Florida. In Alaska they charged closer to $45. I always look for the type of place you drive into, they change it, you drive off without getting out of your car.

    1. In California you canNOT drive in any more. They have to drive your car. Next time I'll get it done in Arizona.

  2. It's called jip-me lube not jiffy lube
    I know you're going to hate it when I chime in like this
    But it's called get the price before you jump off the cliff

    Oil changes are required maintenance, if you want your vehicle to run efficiently. But how much you pay for the service varies, depending on where you go.
    According to Angie’s List pricing data based on recent member reviews, the national average for a basic oil change using conventional oil is $46. The minimum price was $25, with $50 being the most expensive. According to Cost Helper, an oil change typically costs $20 to $55. Using synthetic oil bumps the price to $45 to $70 on average.
    We polled four highly rated auto service professionals across the United States to find the average price of an oil change.

    Internet search of the average three
    As for Jiffy Lube and Walmart oil can Harry
    And if that doesn't add insult to injury consumers affairs only rates them at 1.2 rating 1,850 customers

    Yelp. 2.0 pr. 750 v

    And We won't even tell you to look on the Internet as to their reliability

    Now in this post is the key to finding good workmanship I shoddy workmanship

    The company is called (Angie's list. )

    You do have to sign up for it it is a membership based referral list

    It all boils down to customer rating of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and it wants you to rate their service

    If you join you get a website that you can go to that will list all their services their ratings and their comments and in most cases their prices

    If a company has a low ratings or complaints Angies list will drop them from their services

    Just a reminder when you go to do your RV oil change

    You are paying 40% more for the privilege of having him come to you

    The prices are listed ,,, and they do RV motorhome

    1. For sure I won't have it done in California any more. The thing is, those other places advertise $46, but like my dealership, that's just for the oil. Then they add on the filter, tax, hazardous material charge, labor ... and now I find out Jiffy Lube does the same thing!!

  3. A non travel day catching up.
    It only costs $120.00 US for the Oil Change, New Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter and Hazardous Waste Disposal (dirty oil and filters) and that was at the for our Diesel at the Ford Dealer in Blythe.
    Mister Ed has it right, Jippy Lube.
    There has to be some kind of agency you can report those rip-off companies to.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.