Sunday, April 16, 2017


HAPPY EASTER everyone on this lovely sunny Easter Sunday morning.  What better way to celebrate Easter than with a newborn baby giraffe!!  This drama has been unfolding in New York for the last two months since the Vets told everyone she was due any time.  I'm pretty sure that was a ruse to get people watching .... and waiting .... and donating!!

This is April and her new baby boy.  He looks pretty big for a newborn, but I can attest to that fact since I watched him come into the world yesterday morning.
He fell to the ground with a whoomp, which is nature's way of slapping him on the butt to get his breathing started.  Mom was immediately attentive.  In fact she was SO attentive that I'm sure I heard the baby say "MOM ... would you leave me alone?  NO MORE KISSES".
His first steps were understandably a little wobbly, what with those three foot long gangly legs being a little hard to control.  In the wild however, they have to be up and ready to run away from any predators lurking about.  It was no different here in the paddock. 
In less than ten minutes, he was up and moving around the area like a cute little drunk as Mom continued to lick every square inch.  Maybe pushing him around a little was her way of getting him to use those long legs.
In no time he found breakfast and got in a few sips before crashing to the ground, which was a long way for this baby boy.  After all that work, a little nap was in order, but he couldn't quite figure out what to do with that long neck.  His head swung back and forth as he dozed off, just like me at Bingo.
There's so much cuteness here!!!  Within 60 minutes he was loping around the paddock like a pro, stopping every few minutes for a little more sustenance.  I'm sorry these aren't better images, but Babies R Us and the zoo do not have very good video equipment.  If you want to check him out, go on Facebook and search for Giraffe Live Cam.  If you don't see the baby right off, don't worry.  He has taken to sleeping right under the camera, out of view.
Although I did spend a lot of the day watching the baby, I had to get busy with the ham cooking.  Lucky for me my friend called to ask if I wanted to go paint.  Not her house ... the big thing around here now is going to "someplace" (like the winery just East of town) and step by step, painting something you will never want to hang on your wall.  Thank goodness I passed on this one.  

They gave each person a canvas already painted with one color and only three other colors to work with.  You painted whatever you wanted.  They will all be photographed in some kind of order and made into a book.  I'm thinking this was a trick to show people have no talent ... but on the other hand, maybe it will make some magic picture in the end.  I'll let you know how that works out.  

At any rate, wasn't I happy she mentioned dinner on Sunday.  Wait ... what??  You said SATURDAY! Well that was apparently just a slip of the tongue.  I'm glad I had NOT put the ham in the oven yet.  

Since it's Easter, I can't leave without a picture of Easter Eggs.  Aren't these fabulous?  Can you imagine the kids just smashing these right and left as they peel and eat them?  (Actually, they have all been emptied of their contents).  In the old days, we were just glad to color them plain jane red or purple.  Maybe we wrote our name with crayon, which when dyed, remained white so you could read it.  There was nothing like what you see today, tie-dyed, stickered, flowered and bejeweled.
So this morning I'll be busy cooking that ham for brunch at their house.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable day ... and please remember the REAL reason we celebrate Easter!!

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