Sunday, March 13, 2016

Not Much Improvement On The Cooking Front .....

In between rain storms yesterday, I unpacked more boxes.  When I picked THIS box up, I was rather concerned about the weight.  Did they really put my Mata Ortiz pottery IN the box??  Yes they did!!  This piece was made by a master of pottery.  It has super thin walls, making it light as a feather.  It stands about 18 inches tall and has a place of honor on my bookshelf.  I even put a note inside of the origin and value so no one plants a cactus in it like my grandmother did hers.
In between loads of goodies and loads of laundry, I stitched up another quilt.  Just kidding .... I had the main part of this one completed already, so I pulled out the fabric for the borders and stitched it together.  This one and three more will be off to the quilter in the next day or so.
This one's for my quilter friends ... I'm sure they have heard this before!!  My feelings exactly!!  Although I did do a double take when I counted 20 bags of material on the floor of my quilt room.  I know that's a LOT, but most when completed will be donated to the Elks or Veterans organizations for raffle prizes.  The rest will be displayed on a Southwest style ladder that I haven't made yet.
All the while I was unloading, vacuuming, cleaning and being a couch potato, I was thinking about those ugly steaks I put in the freezer.  I decided to see if any of Patty and Dan's cooking skills had rubbed off on me, and barbecue one for dinner.  Here's the Weber I picked up before leaving for Indio, but didn't have room for.  I used to barbecue a lot in the old "marriage" days.

These actually come in pieces and you have to assemble it, which I did!!  I was pretty proud of this one!  The only thing left was to add a bottle of gas and fire it up.  Fire it UP!!  FIRE IT UP!!!  Nothing ... no gas, even though it's a brand new bottle, and no fire.  How sad is that??
No problem, I just got out my trusty cast iron skillet and threw it on the "stove" gas fire.  It worked like a charm.  I did have second thoughts when I saw how much fat and marbling these have ... my stomach doesn't always like that so much.  Thrown together with a big salad and garlic bread, I had a delicious dinner!!  Half that is ... I only ate HALF!
To combat the stinky house smell, someone said to bake a pie or cookies in the oven.  Okay then, cherry pie it is!!  Oh my goodness .... it was yummy!!!  Yes it did help with the stale air a little ... maybe I'll have to bake two or three more!
It was all a very BIG mistake!!  About midnight, I woke up with the most terrible stomach ache EVER!!  Several thoughts went through my head ... the first being food poisoning, the second being the flu and the third being too much FAT for dinner.  No matter what I did, the queasiness wouldn't go away.  I was finally able to get a Tums down my throat by nibbling on it for several minutes.  

I can only assume it was the FAT ... although now my stomach AND head hurt, but at least it's considerably better than last night.  You will find me entrenched on the couch today with one of my warm quilts, as rain continues to fall.


  1. I think the temperature on your oven maybe set wrong. Here the gas company will send someone out to check it. Maybe you really are a good cook but your oven is not?

    1. I appreciate your good thoughts Linda, and checking the oven temperature is definitely a good idea. Unfortunately, that only accounts for about half of my cooking disasters!! I can make a mean salad though!!! LOL