Saturday, March 12, 2016

Home Sweet Home .....

Well I MADE IT!!!  I'm relaxing in my stinky house as I type.  The washer is running, as are the puppies.  They are SO happy to be home with no harnesses and leashes to impede their runs around the back yard ... and through the house.

I left Bakersfield pretty early in the morning, as I'm keeping my clock on Arizona time.  I think it changes over today or tomorrow.  One of the first things I drove by is the Famosa Stockyards.  We ran a lot of cattle through these yards in the old days, some bought and some sold.  It appears they are out of business now as the larger yard in McFarland has taken over cattle sales.
I'm happy to tell you that all of the construction from Bakersfield to who knows how far north, has been completed.  Nice, shiny, smooth roads most of the way (except for the underpasses), making Jonathan's ride much less scary.  I'm also happy to say he endured the trip like a champ and so far is alive and talking.  The next few weeks will tell the tale, however.
The mountains, which are on the CORRECT side of EAST instead of North, like in Arizona, were covered with a heavy blanket of snow.  It's not often you get to see them anymore, what with all the smog.  
Did you notice the rather clear skies above?  It didn't last long.  I knew a big storm was heading my way, but according to the weatherman, I would just miss it ... and I have a unicorn I want to sell you. As I drove North, the cloud cover got very heavy and weird looking.  We don't usually have clouds that look like this.   
They look like THIS!!  Thirty miles from home, it spit a little, then came down in buckets.  It really didn't bother me at all, since I was on nice new freeway and my windshield wipers were working perfectly.  I guess putting those tennis balls under the arms to keep the wipers from overheating on the windshield really worked.  This set is over a year old and still like new!!
I arrived home to find everything completely in order, but rather stinky.  I unloaded most all the fabric .... geeze louise there's a LOT!!  Several bags I forgot I even had!!  The camera gear came in along with Jonathan, who was happy to be back in his normal cage.  

Between rain showers I unloaded a few more things until another downpour hit.  It's STILL raining this morning, a good thing since California was in such a drought.  I hear most of the dams are full again and we will have a big snow melt.  Let's hope the powers that be don't sell us all down the river to LA this summer.

Time to get in a whole new routine, which is going to begin with sitting on the couch with the puppies ..... oh, and trying to balance my checking accounts!!  YIKES!!


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  2. I don't know why you Country folks can't figure out the mountains on the west or the East
    Come on down to Florida it's very simple here we don't need no stinking GPS it all has to do with ,,,,,,palm trees,,,,,,,if your out driving and you run out of them that means you've gone too far north if you run into the ones that have BIG nuts on them you're gone too far south(and no it's not a good idea to stand underneath them and Marvel at their big boys
    ( and If you don't speak Spanish Jamaican Cuban Haitian Bahamian island French Puerto Rican island dialect my suggestion is to turn around and go north)
    Well now that you figured out how to go north and south The rest is very simple
    Now If you run into saltwater And you see sea shells by the seashore on the beach you're on the West Coast
    Or if you see surfers out you're on East Coast
    Now what's in the middle you ask very simple alligators and tourist with Mickey Mouse hats on that's considered central Florida
    And it's not very advisable to pet them,,,, they both have attitudes,,, please refrain
    So there you have it all in a nutshell

    1. You forgot to mention the hurricanes!!! Don't they always come from the South? LOL Very interesting though about shells on the West and surfers on the East. Probably the only state that has TWO oceans!!

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