Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Post Script to Grand Canyon

I have hung the Navajo blanket on the fireplace and received several requests to see it sooo ..... here it is!!!
Perfect size (just luck) and the colors are great.  At the base of the fireplace are four Indian grinding stones I have collected over the years.  One even has the stone used to grind the corn.  I have to say that when I was in grammar school (eons ago), I took this particular rock with stone to school in order to make cornbread the way the Indians did ... for a Thanksgiving gathering.    I'm still picking grains of sand out of my teeth!!  You see, when you grind rock on rock, it makes sand ... which mixes in with the corn you are grinding.  When you cook it, it smells wonderful, but is totally inedible!!!  No wonder the Indians didn't live long ... they had no teeth left to chew their food!!!  Who knew??

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