Sunday, June 12, 2016

Breakfast Of Champions!!

I've been craving ice cream all week.  Luckily, that required a stop at the grocery store, which was further than I wanted to venture.  Colonel Sanders lives about a mile away as the crow flies, so I substituted chicken for the cold stuff.  What's better than leftover chicken?  Having it for breakfast of course!!
Much as I wanted to continue playing with Cooper, there were more mechanical things to garner my attention.  Seems to me motorhomes and the RV'ing lifestyle is ALL about mechanical stuff.  I grabbed my handy dandy hand saw and proceeded to cut the perch for Jonathan.  The problem was hand cutting those notches the exact same direction in both ends.  With no vise in sight, I wedged the dowel between the chair back and my leg.  I'm proud to say that after three tries in the 110 degree rig,  absolutely ROASTING, I was finally able to get it set with no blood.  EUREKA!!!
Next, thanks to reader Mister Ed, I remembered to check the water filter.  I've no idea when it was changed last and I'm sure the puppies would appreciate good water.  The bird, like me, has to have bottled water.  Changes in the quality of their water can kill them.  

I quickly discovered the filter I thought I had, turned out to be for the refrigerator's water dispenser.  After looking everywhere at least twice, I finally discovered one hiding under the kitchen sink.  I unlocked the container and pulled the filter out.  It looked just fine, but I tossed it anyway.  There is the occasion when I boil potatoes or pasta, and stomach issues I can do without.  One more check mark on my list ... done!!

Next up, another one of those scary mechanical jobs ... checking the air in the tires.  This scares me more than the pressure washer.  Many years ago in the construction business, a kid (employee) tried to remove a tire from a rock hauler by over inflating it.  The tire blew up, breaking both his arms.  As far as I'm concerned, checking and adding air has multiple risks and dangers.

I drug out my big compressor, plugged it in and turned it on, jumping back just in case it exploded.  All the tires were close to normal, so I didn't have to add much air.  It took quite a while, since I didn't leave the nozzle attached for very long at a time.  It's hard to drive with two broken arms.  With that done, I breathed a HUGE sign of relief as I hauled it back to the garage.
The worst is over ... on to cleaning the jacks, which always give me grief.  On the recommendation of Nick Russell and his Gypsy Journal RV blog, I tried to locate some Strikehold.  It's not to be found in my area and I didn't want to order something that wouldn't arrive before I departed.  Instead, I crawled underneath, scrubbed them with a kitchen sponge and wiped them clean.  They retracted in 45 seconds.  I think that's a record!!

This is another VERY early morning, as I don my apron and head for the last Elks RV Park pancake breakfast.  Now it's just a matter of remembering everything I need to take before I'm off to the wild blue yonder!!

No lottery winnings this morning, but Congratulations, I qualified for a Fingerhut Credit Card, without even applying.  You know, the one where you pay $300 for an item costing $95 everywhere else???  YAY for me!!!!


  1. you must have a magic marker somewhere
    Some suggested uses
    Put a date on the filter canister
    Get a 1 gallon jug of ( distilled ) ( it's Salt free )water for squeaky squawk
    X out the days until D day
    Take a one dollar bill where the number one appears add 4 more 000 to it
    And yes the list could go on and on and on
    Now on another shiny note
    Where you go to an RV park and you hook up to the RV Parks water Spicket you're drinking city water
    The best way to get rid of the chlorinated taste is to use a 5 Micron charcoal water filter they have One that fits in line with your white water hose outside charcoal filters takes 99% of The chlorinated taste out
    X more days to go

    1. Good idea to mark the date on the filter canister!