Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Dark Night In The Magic Kingdom!!

With high hopes of meeting Prince Charming at the Party thrown by the King every Tuesday, I took the book of magic spells and my abacus to the Castle.  There wasn't a line at the servant's entrance, a good sign in Nottingham.  The King actually arrived on time, opened the dungeon and we set up for business.  In order to test the black plastic machine, I ran a few numbers and zeroed everything out, just before the throngs of peasants stormed the drawbridge.  Note: that's the second time it has been zeroed out according to the Book of Spells.
The faithful Castle Lawyer counted the gold pieces, placed them in the machine and we began to work feverishly.  Almost two hours later, with no Prince in sight (apparently he's on vacation somewhere), we rang up the total to see just how much of the King's coffers would be split among the crowd.

YIKES!!!  The tape read DOUBLE what we normally collect ... and it said we had already paid our normal amount to the masses.  It didn't zero out like it was supposed to.  This is probably just Cinderella error ... so I tried it again.  Same results.  Cinderella promptly turned into the Wicked Witch, and it wasn't even midnight!!

The King showed up just in time to prevent the black plastic machine from being smashed to bits on the Castle floor.  The Lawyer's cool head prevailed as the King agreed to return this infernal machine to it's cave in the Black Forest and find a suitable replacement.  Probably Cinderella error again, but there was no way to get a nightly net profit to balance with the gold coins in the box.  No matter how many times I read the Book of Magic Spells, it had no solution to our problem.

As we wiled away the night, collecting taxes right and left, the Sheriff of Nottingham stopped by for a visit.  It's aways good to have the Sheriff around in case of rabble rousers!!  He also prompted the return of Cinderella to her senses, as we talked about Elks RV Parks in the Northwest.

At the end of the night, we counted everything with my trusty abacus.  Unfortunately, the Lawyer and Cinderella, having no clue how much taxes were actually collected without spending an hour counting (in which case the masses would have stormed the Castle Treasury), we paid out more than we should have!!  Masses - 1   King - Negative 76.

It's almost the witching hour when we turn into pumpkins ... better a pumpkin than the Wicked Witch ... so we packed everything back into the dungeon, as we heard the King proclaim he would find a new black plastic machine before the next party.  This time, BOTH my glass slippers were left on the steps of the Castle as we raced outside.   I'm thinking next week I'll give my Ruby Slippers a try!!!


  1. Humm! Could be the Chinese to English translation left off the last page with the correct spell on it. Could be the dragon breathed on the machine and caused the internal electronics to corrode. Could be the King didn't buy the special California model. Could be the drought is affecting it. Could be a bad Verizon connection. Best answer is to buy an new machine, or hop in the RV and leave town. Your choice. Jim

    1. I think it's ALL of those things Jim!!!! Funny ... they did buy a new machine. Let's hope it works a little better!!!

  2. Sounds like this back plastic machine is more trouble than it’s worth. The king should assign someone the task of finding a suitable replacement. That person should know what is needed someone like Cinderella. Sometime cheap is not the best.
    Jim M.

    1. Jim, the King finally asked for input and Cinderella stated her case like a lawyer!! Unfortunately, now she has to program the thing before next Tuesday!!!