Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lake Havasu Trip

  • After about 12-15 years, I located some old friends on Facebook, Patty and Dan Chance.  Seems they moved to Lake Havasu Arizona and were going to the Gypsy Rally in Yuma.  Since I recently purchased the "Kissack Kastle" (a Keystone 5th-wheel R.V.), they invited me along.  My first long trip with Cooper and Jessie in tow.  This is their back yard ... my rig is parked out of site to the left, where they have a full hookup!!  And in case you didn't notice, they have no grass to mow!!!!!!!
  • This is their dog, Sami.  What a sweetheart.  I did not get a picture of Gracie their cat.  Both travel  in the RV everywhere they go.  Unfortunately, my dog Cooper escaped through the gate as Dan and I were discussing my RV.  After 3 hours of searching, he was not to be found.  I was heartbroken.  As I was posting his picture on a website for lost animals, the neighbor banged on the door saying Cooper had returned.  We all ran outside .. Patty saw him run behind a house, so I took off with Jessie in tow.  Thankfully he saw Jessie and came to me.  You cannot believe the relief we all felt.  Thank you Patty and Dan for driving around for 3 hours looking for him.  Only "animal people" would go so far out of their way to help me find him. 
  • Our plan was to go out on Lake Havasu in Dan and Patty's new boat.  A little late because of Cooper, we took off in the afternoon for a tour.  Around the lake are these Lighthouses, copies of those found all around the United States, built by the locals.  
  • Here is part of the lake.  It is huge ... from river to lake, back to river.  The water is crystal clear and just as blue as the sky.  Amazing that out in the middle of all that sand and cactus, there is this gorgeous lake. 
  • And crazy as it sounds, Mr McCullough bought the London Bridge and moved it to Lake Havasu.  Here is one side.  It is absolutely beautiful ... and crazy that it stands in the middle of the desert! 
  • After spending a couple of days at their house, we headed off to Yuma.  The rally had seminars that provided me with a wealth of information on RV'ing.  Dan SAID he would be really good at spending my money ... and so he was right!!  But only for necessities.  I had a satellite Traveler TV dish installed so I can watch TV anywhere .. even in my back yard.  After Jessie broke through my screen door trying to eat Dan the burglar ... he was kind enough to install a pet screen, with much modification.  He did such a great job, it looks like it came that way.  Another worry I can forget about. 
  • The Rally closer was the Cactus Queen Contest.  These "ladies" provided great entertainment and kept us all laughing.  The "winner" (front center) wore his, uh I mean HER crown proudly.  The next morning, we packed up and headed back to Lake Havasu, where I said my goodbyes and headed home.  Unfortunately, I decided to spend the night in Mojave, having driven over 8 hours that day.  DO NOT spend the night in Mojave.  Between the wind rocking and rolling the RV and the trains banging around changing engines, needless to say it was a sleepless night. 
    All in all, it was a GREAT trip that I will never forget.  Getting in touch with old friends and laughing about our previous escapades was priceless.  I'm planning on heading back that direction towards the end of the year ... and who knows ... I may run into Patty and Dan at the Grand Canyon this summer.

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